Welcome to Hollyoaks, how do you feel to be part of the cast?

Ijaz: I feel truly honoured to be a part of this amazing cast that’s full of lovely and aspiring people. Everyone has been extremely supportive with helping me settle into the hectic world of soap.

Rishi: I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks and to finally be here working on set. I found out I got the role in early February so it has been a long wait, which seemed twice as long as I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

What’s it been like coming in as new members of the Maalik family?

Ijaz: Exciting times! It feels like we’re a real family, because we get on so well and understand each other, which just makes this journey a hundred times more fun.

Rishi: It’s been such a great family to come into as Harvey, Krupa and Haiesha have already set the bar so high in terms of what they all bring to the show, both individually with their characters and collectively as a family. It is due to what they have set up for the Maaliks that has allowed Ijaz and myself to integrate into the family so well. The dynamics in the Maalik family between everyone is so different and interesting - the writers have really hit the nail on the head with the Maaliks. The best part is that we all get on so well and have a great laugh when we are filming together – we are like a real family!

What’s been the best day on set for the both of you?

Ijaz: For me it has to be the very first day on set, because it was the most nerve-racking yet the most exciting day ever! I was so nervous and apprehensive about getting in front of the camera, but the experience was just fantastic.

Rishi: There have been so many to choose from, so it’s hard to pick one, but I think nothing will be quite as crazy as my first day on set. Having watched the show myself, it really was a rather surreal moment being on set and filming my first few scenes.

What are Sami’s motives for turning up in the village?

Rishi: Well, Sami arrives with a huge secret and he has come back for payback from a certain someone! I don’t want to give too much away, so you guys will have to tune in to see what this secret is.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Ijaz: I would personally like to work with other young characters and experiment the chemistry between Imran and those his age. This is because Imran is a boy who has quite an introvert personality around those he doesn’t know. I’m just excited to discover whether he creates bonds with those outside the family.

Rishi: There really are so many great actors on this show that it would be unfair to pick one. My mission is to work with every single cast member in the show!

Is there any storyline that you’d love to get?

Ijaz: I personally would love to explore a storyline where Imran experiences some sort of betrayal which triggers his negative side - something Imran rarely shows due to his light-hearted personality. I think that would be quite intense and exciting for the audience to watch.

Rishi: Something dark and gritty that I could really play with as an actor and sink my teeth into.

Can you tease anything about what is coming up for your character?

Ijaz: Well, I can say that there’s a lot of nostalgia involved which leads to a whole bunch of things getting unravelled!

Rishi: Well, Sami is here for revenge so it will be interesting to see how much he succeeds in that. He is also someone that has an eye for the ladies and prefers not be tied down in a relationship. However could a certain someone change that?