Hi David, what happens next week on Hollyoaks?

David: Mercedes goes into a bit of a downward spiral this week, and Liam is the catalyst for that. Sylver is desperate to try and save her to create a good atmosphere as best as he can in the McQueens' household.

How does Sylver feel about Mercedes now?

D: As soon as I knew they weren’t related, my initial thought was Sylver can finally have her now! Sylver loves Mercedes, he always has, and he loves her very deeply. So, he thought there would be no difficulties with getting their relationship back on track… That’s until Liam stepped in.

How does Sylver feel about Liam and his dangerous ways?

D: He’s very wary of him. He doesn’t like him at all, actually, he despises him. The fact that he’s slept with Mercedes as well, is another reason to hate him. I think if Sylver wasn’t an ex-convict, he’d probably start fights with him a lot more.

Why do you think Mercedes is interested in bad boy Liam?

D: She’s been through a lot of hardship recently, obviously her brief husband Russ has died, and she thought Sylver was going to prison. She’s a little bit easily led, as her mental state isn’t where she wants it to be, so Liam provides her with a bit of a release. The drugs take her away from all the rubbish that comes with the McQueens… He’s an escape.

Does Sylver believe Max and Bobby are in danger when they’re with Mercedes?

D:* She keeps lying about where she is and goes back for more drugs with Liam. She keeps spending more time with him and essentially neglects the children. She’s not even aware where they are most of the time! Sylver just feels like she’s not capable of looking after the children at the minute.

How does Sylver react once he realises Mercedes is taking drugs?

D: He’s absolutely in disbelief and very angry! At the same time, he is just desperate to help her. He always wants the best for her, so he’ll do everything to take it away, rather than tell her off, but she doesn’t really listen to him anyway. In the end, his tactics become more aggressive.

Do you see a happily ever after for Sylver and Mercedes?

D: To a certain extent, yes. I think there will be very happy times to come because I don’t think Sylver will ever give up on Mercedes and he’ll keep striving. Similarly, Mercedes also has a lot of love for Sylver, but forever… I’m not sure.

Is Sylver threatened by Liam?

D: I don’t think Sylver feels threatened by the fact that Mercedes will choose Liam over Sylver, but I think he’s threatened of his dark side. Liam has a lot of money and also, the drugs are an attractive thing for him to influence Mercedes with, to get her on his side. He doesn’t seem to have any human emotion that would lead him to be upset about something. Sylver has just got to be very careful on what he does around him and gage each situation. So, threatened? A little bit yeah.

How would Sylver react if he found out the truth about Breda?

D: Well, he’s already found out a lot! He’s found out that she’s not his real mum. He’s getting more and more lost, and I think if he found that out, he’d just disown her completely because he would feel so empty and massively betrayed. The relationship between the two of them would be permanently damaged.

If you could be any other character, who would it be and why?

D: I’d like to have a go at playing Liam! It seems like he’s a fun character to play because he’s just so bad, through and through. He doesn’t need to think about any consequences, and I’d find it quite fun to act aggressive towards people, even though the audience may not like him as much. I think acting wise it would be quite a good challenge.

Hi Jude, is Liam interested in Mercedes, or does he have ulterior motives?

Jude: Liam has quite unexpectedly, found another lost soul who is overwhelmed and hiding, unable to acknowledge and deal with her problems. He is certainly feeling a companionship and a growing affection.

How does Mercedes compare to Lisa?

J: They are very similar actually. Mercedes and Lisa are driven, sensitive and powerful women. These are very attractive character traits to Liam. Mercedes however, has cut to Liam’s emotional core, whereas his attraction to Lisa is purely physical. Mercedes could be a threat to the bravado and brash exterior Liam has built to protect himself… If she can awaken deeper feelings within him, that he thought were lost. Perhaps he wants that.

Do you think Liam feels guilty for introducing Mercedes to drugs?

J: Liam is happy to have found a play partner and someone to escape with. She has chosen to escape too, and how they do it isn’t important. Drugs, drink or booze, I don’t think he feels guilty about it at all.

Do you think Mercedes should pick Liam over Sylver?

J: I wouldn’t say the relationship Liam and Mercedes have is healthy for either of them. Both need to acknowledge and deal with their hurts and character flaws, which isn’t pleasant, but temporarily escaping from their lives won't bring them everlasting happiness. Personally, I feel Sylver would be a far more sensible partner.

How is Liam’s family relationship at the minute?

J: It’s certainly not the best it has been. Liam is being incredibly selfish and unreliable, which isn’t fair on Jesse and the burden he has with saving the family business.

Why did Liam recently re-start his father’s dodgy business?

J: He realised he had aptitude for that type of ‘business’ and risks aside, it is easy money for him.

What is in store for Liam in the next few weeks?

J: More selfishness and destruction...

If you could be any other character, who would it be and why?

J: I’d love to mix it up and play the opposite of Liam. I’d love to have a crack at a more noble, brave and responsible character, like Brody.

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