Hi Nikki, what does Maxine get up to this New Year’s Eve?

Maxine goes to The Dog for New Year celebrations and ‘celebrates’ far too much! She’s upset after arguing with Damon and ends up flirting with Zack to make him jealous.

How is Maxine’s relationship with Damon going?

It was going really well. They had a little fall out before New Year's Eve, but it’s definitely not over between the pair. Obviously, Maxine is keeping her guard up, as she has been hurt so many times in the past, but she likes Damon and wants it to work.

Do you think Damon and Maxine are a good match for each other?

I do! Damon makes Maxine laugh, something she hasn’t done in a long time. He genuinely cares about her and Minnie, which is important for Maxine.

How was it performing in Liberty’s ‘The Scottish Sisters’ girl band?

She didn’t get to perform. She’s all dressed up ready to go, but has rather a lot to drink and misses out on the performance.

How is Maxine coping after Glenn’s reign of terror?

She is getting there day by day. Glenn did a lot of damage and that takes time to repair. She wants to be happy and move on, and will work hard to do so.

Why did Maxine decide to start up Minnie cabs again?

It was something that she always enjoyed! She loved being her own boss and having her own business, so now seems like the right time to get back in the driving seat… Literally!

What does 2019 have in store for Maxine?

Hopefully happiness for her and Minnie... And you would hope less drama!

What New Year’s resolution do you think Maxine should have?

To be less trusting and more aware. She is always getting herself caught up in sticky situations because she dives in head first and doesn’t think.

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