Hi Ray, how has your experience on Hollyoaks been so far?

I’ve loved every minute at Hollyoaks so far! For me, it was almost like coming home. It’s been almost 22 years since I started my first ever job there on Brookside. A lot has changed, however a lot has remained the same. Seeing so many friendly and familiar faces made me feel instantly welcomed and helped me to settle in rather quickly.

Did you know much about your character before you got the role?

I actually auditioned for a different role originally, then Jonny came along. Hollyoaks like to keep things close to their chest. I was only told that he was a confident guy and the life of the party, someone you could go for a drink with. After I got the role though, and was made aware of what it entailed, I was rather excited by the challenge of the role may bring.

Why is Jonny so eager to befriend Ste?

Jonny is part of a far-right radicalisation group. From the research chats we had, and my understanding of some of these individuals, people like Jonny are sent to recruit people to build numbers. However, some of the stuff they get up to can take a turn for the worse. Someone like Ste is a perfect candidate to groom and recruit, as he’s very vulnerable and low on his self-esteem. Jonny will target those types, befriend them, and make them feel confident again. He will take care of Ste, both emotionally and financially… With ulterior motives, obviously.

Could you describe Jonny for us?

Jonny is very smart, charming, manipulative and savvy. He is always on the ball, constantly covering his tracks and a keen actor! 'Who is this guy?' is the quote I’m oh, so familiar with, when reading upcoming scripts. Jonny has been trained to deal with situations that may put him in a precarious position. Believe me, there are many of those! He’s certainly one to watch, a very complex individual. On the outside he’s the guy you’d go for a drink with!

Jonny seems to be a lone wolf when he arrives, will we learn more about his family?

In time, as a viewer, you will learn a lot about Jonny. You will learn about his past, his life, his regrets and experiences, good and bad. As well as, where he came from and what he’s been through in his life, thus far. Whether it’s the truth though? Your guess is as good as the next…

How does Jonny enter the Hollyoaks village?

He susses out the Bean Coffee shop and puts in an offer, welcoming himself as the new area manager.

Who are you closest with on set?

Having worked closely with Kieron Richardson for the last few months, he’s become a good friend. We have a great relationship, considering the time we’ve known one another. He’s a talented guy and a true gent who has supported me and helped me feel settled into the village with ease.

Who do you wish you had more scenes with?

I’d like some scenes with Alex Fletcher, as I’ve always admired her skills as an actress. Playing opposite her would be a tick on the bucket list. A fellow scouser as well!

How will the village react to Jonny? You'll have to tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!