Ellie and Holly are planning a spa night so they don’t have to think about the anniversary of last year’s traffic light party and what happened with Nick. Damon's up for a night out and convinces Ellie to come with him, but Holly isn’t happy with the change of plan.

Ellie and Holly decide to go to The Loft for a night out with Damon and Brody, but Holly is worried that Ellie is moving too fast with Damon.

Darren warns Nancy not to bring Charlie and Oscar to see him, after getting into trouble with his cellmates for being a grass. However, unaware of the danger, Tom promises to take Charlie to see Darren.

Tom and Charlie visit Darren without Nancy’s knowledge and the situation takes a turn for the worst when an inmate approaches Charlie, leaving Darren worrying for his family's safety.

Cleo receives a picture from Porsche and it makes her want to go on holiday. She channels her efforts into finding a job for Joel and a voluntary position in Tanzania catches their eye.

Holly is worried that Cleo isn’t up for Tanzania as much as Joel and later finds her crying in her bedroom.