Darcy is spooked by some information from her private investigator and things go from bad to worse when he asks for £2000 to make it disappear! Once again she asks Adam for money, but claims it’s for Toby's treatment.

Meanwhile, Maxine unintentionally spurs Jesse on to start wedding planning and he excitedly re-proposes to Darcy in front of Adam and Toby! It all goes to plan so Jesse starts preparations for the ceremony with Courtney.

Elsewhere, the private investigator calls Tracey when he doesn’t get payment from Darcy. Later, Tracey confronts her with the incriminating information, could this be the end of Darcy?

Scott is green with envy when Damon, Brody and Maggie go for lunch for Damon's birthday without him.

In his rage he steals a photo of the three of them and puts his own photo next to Damon and Maggie. Later Scott and Maggie come face-to-face at Damon's surprise birthday party! Could it all be over for Scotty-boy?