As part of Jade and Alfie’s storyline in partnership with Stand Up To Cancer, Hollyoaks is launching the #MyJadeIs campaign, and you can get involved!

The #MyJadeIs page will be a space for everybody to share their happy memories of Jade, a friend or a loved one who they’ve lost to cancer… like a virtual memory box filled with uplifting stories, images and videos.

To Alfie, Jade is the strength he needed to jump out of that plane, as well as his best friend, his girlfriend and his first love. Together they’ve made some beautiful memories like naming their own star. His story on the #MyJadeIs page would be all about how they met, took on the world (and their families) together, and got unofficially married in the sweetest ceremony ever.

So, who or what is your Jade? You can share your memories and uplifting stories for the #MyJadeIs page in the following ways…

1. Written Memories – In no more than 500 words, tell us who or what your Jade is via WhatsApp on 07795 654873, or on Twitter using #MyJadeIs. You can also send a picture to illustrate your story, but please refer to the Terms and Conditions before sending us any imagery.

2. Video Memories – Film a short video of yourself telling the story of your Jade and send it to us via WhatsApp on 07795 654873 or on Twitter using #MyJadeIs. Be as creative as you wish, but please read the Terms and Conditions before sending us your video.

Stories and videos received through WhatsApp and Twitter will be selected for the #MyJadeIs page, which will be available for everybody to view from Friday 21st October, which is the night Stand Up To Cancer goes live on Channel 4.

Please remember, you must read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before sending your stories, videos and pictures for the #MyJadeIs campaign.