We've teamed up with the Home Office to create new TV adverts that give support and advice to people in abusive relationships.

The ads, which have been launched today (5th December), will focus on the abusive relationship of 'Oaks couple Maxine and Patrick.

Their storyline has been steadily developing over the past few months and it is set to continue into the new year, showing Patrick's behaviour towards Maxine worsen as he becomes more abusive.

The first advert will be shown during tonight's Channel 4 Hollyoaks. However, you can watch the ad before it airs by scrolling down the page and clicking on the video at the bottom of this article.

The 'This Is Abuse' provides people with the tools to challenge abusive behaviour in relationships and show them where to find help.

Speaking about the campaign, Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said: "Too many young people have experienced some form of emotional violence from a partner. We need to stop this – not only can emotional abuse wreck lives but it can be a precursor to physical violence.

"Today’s new advertising campaigns will help teenagers identify abuse and give them the tools to challenge it when they see it."

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For more information, visit the campaign website at www.thisisabuse.co.uk.

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