Hollyoaks fans, we have an exciting announcement for you… We’re on Snapchat! Username = 'HelloHollyoaks'

To get involved, just add ‘HelloHollyoaks’ and then, starting Wednesday 19th Feb, you’ll become one of the lucky few who will receive an exclusive episode sneak preview every weekday at 4pm.

Our snaps will be posted as a daily ‘story’ that you can view for 24 hours. These pics/vids will be in line with each night’s E4 episode and will be totally exclusive. As in: no one else will have them. As in: YOU WON’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE ELSE FIRST. WEKNOWRIGHTARGH.

We’ll also be adding all our snaps after they’ve been sent out to our Hollyoaks Tumblr (hollyoaksofficial.tumblr.com).

If you fancy joining our Snapchat club, add ‘HelloHollyoaks’, as shown above, and wait patiently for 4pm for a taste of what’s to come!

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