On Hollyoaks this week, Tegan is hoping for more than just friendship with Ryan, but Ryan is preoccupied when he meets Kyle in The Folly to make it clear exactly how he feels about him.

Later that day, Ryan Knight makes a deliberate point of flirting with Tegan at his Aunty Doreen’s party (that’s DS Thorpe's wife, in case you didn’t know!).

Kyle turns up to the party to speak with Ryan again, but a lurking James witnesses their awkwardness and is instantly suspicious.

Meanwhile, Leela gets far too drunk during the celebrations and ends up getting into a fight with Doreen’s sour-faced cousin!

Suspicious, James plans to find out more about Kyle and his relationship with Ryan, while Ryan and Tegan cross the friendship line and sleep together.

But little does Tegan know that earlier, fueled by his sexual frustration, Ryan goes to pick up a male prostitute. But it’s Harry who approaches his car! Ryan pretends that he’s undercover and places Harry under arrest…

In the village, Zack sees old-friend Harry and offers him a place to stay but is later shocked by Harry’s strange behaviour.

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, driven by fear of losing Sebastian, Sienna refuses to go to the hospital for her cancer test results.

Joel is forced to play a trick on Sienna to get her out of the flat, which majorly backfires.

The lads, Brody and Damon are ruling the roost at The Dog, but come up with the same festive drinks promotion as Lisa, who is definitely not happy about it!

The sexual tension sizzles between Brody and Lisa, but she tricks him into getting into the hot tub naked…. Then steals his clothes, of course!

Meanwhile, Granny Campbell arrives back in the village and heads straight to Courtney’s flat to look after her. Courtney’s blood pressure is really high, so Granny Campbell rushes her into hospital.

An oblivious Jesse arrives late to the hospital, and after listening to Granny Campbell’s poison, Courtney tells him their arrangement needs to end.

Tegan is concerned to hear that controlling Granny Campbell is back. Thinking that it might help, Tegan tells Jesse that Courtney has feelings for him and he wonders what to do.

Unfortunately, Granny Campbell begins controlling Courtney’s every move so Courtney calls Tegan for help. But will she get to her in time?