Sienna panics when she finds out that her operation has been brought forward to the next day, but when Warren becomes distant, Joel pushes him to support her.

Warren gives Sienna a necklace and reassures her that everything is going to be fine.

Warren is struggling to cope with the stress of Sienna’s operation, and on top of that he has to contend with the blackmailer’s texts. Joel tries to calm Warren down but another text sends Warren spiralling.

Tony witnesses Warren locking Shane in the back of a van and drags him into The Loft to calm him down. Warren then spots his hooded blackmailer and comes face-to-face with them… but who is it?

Elsewhere, Hunter is frustrated seeing Mac and Neeta together. Then Mac makes matters worse when he sets up Hunter and Peri on a date.

Neeta is jealous when she sees Hunter kiss Peri on their date.

Meanwhile, Tom borrows Darren’s car which has a stash of heroin in the boot.

He’s pulled over by the police for driving too slow, just as Darren and Nancy arrive at the scene.

Lastly, Holly is surprised to see Brody in Hollyoaks, and both Brody and Damon take a shine to Cleo.

Damon and Brody go head to head for her affections, but Brody ends up kissing Cleo, which Joel witnesses. Joel confronts Brody about his intentions with Cleo, but Cleo arrives and warns Joel off.