The Nightingales are coming!

As if October couldn't get any better (It's our big 20th anniversary month, Eeek!), we can confirm that there'll be the arrival of a brand new family: the Nightingales.

The drop dead gorgeous newbies will take over The Dog in the Pond from the Osbornes, who have owned the pub since 1996 - news that is certain to ruffle one or two feathers in the village.

So without further ado, please give a big 'Oakster welcome to your newest Hollyoaks family...

Mac (played by David Easter)

Those with a super memory will remember Mac (played by David Easter), who's the head of the family, as the mysterious man who was revealed to be Cindy's secret husband shortly after her and Dirk's wedding back in May. Mac arrived to ask Cindy for an annulment, but unbeknown to him she never signed the documents!

Neeta (played by Amrit Maghera)

The glamorous young girlfriend of Mac, warm and bubbly Neeta wears her heart on her sleeve. As the loveable new landlady of The Dog in The Pond, she'll take her new role by storm and give the pub a much needed shake-up from the Osbornes.

Nathan (played by Jared Gartfield)

Handsome Nathan is Mac's son. A playful puppy dog in human form, he's loyal, honest and always ready to make problems go away with a big slobbery hug & kiss. He'll be bringing his childhood sweetheart along with him to Hollyoaks.

Rachel (played by Jennifer Brooke)

Nathan's darling fiancée, Rachel, is the girl next door with a heart of gold who's not afraid to speak her mind. She's a tomboy who loves nothing more (well, other than her Nathan, that is) than hanging out with the lads.

Alfie (played by Richard Linnell)

Sensitive, inquisitive and easy-going, Alfie is the youngest member of the Nightingale family. He's the brains with a quick wit and a fact for every occasion. Oh yeah, and he has a pet Iguana called Jub Jub. Of course.

Ellie (Sophie Porley)

Ellie is Mac's daughter and his spoiled princess. Sweet yet spiky with delusion of grandeur, she’s got a supply of devastating putdowns bigger than her shoe collection and wrote the book on wrapping people round her little finger. You really don't want to get on her bad side!

Make sure you watch Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm, all next month (October) to see the Nightingales make their mark on the village.

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