It’s time to return to Hollyoaks village, gang! There’s brand new levels waiting for you to play.

That’s right, the #HollyoaksGame has had an exciting new update with 40 brand-spanking new levels, two added characters – Mercedes McQueen & Zack Loveday – and one killer new storyline.

You will need to sleep with one eye open in the village, as you battle to save Mercedes from the Gloved Hand Killer by completing a series of challenging Match 3 puzzles. Will you be able to save the Queen of Sass before it’s too late?

All is not as it seems in Hollyoaks, so be prepared for some surprises along the way, including a ghostly Phoebe, while finding out even more character secrets.

To play the new levels, you must complete the first 20 levels of Episode One: The Mystery of Nana’s Missing Pearls.

Download the game for FREE from your app store now to meet the characters, unlock selfies and new locations, get texts, pics and voicemails from your Oaksy faves.

Depending on what sort of phone or tablet you have, here’s where you can get the game:


  • 100 addictive levels
  • Familiar Match 3 Gameplay
  • Easy to learn
  • Gameplay suitable for short play sessions.
  • Game levels featuring unique Hollyoaks objects.
  • Picture reveals of Hollyoaks characters.
  • Map of the village
  • “Previously On” recaps, just like the show
  • Starring:
  • Ste Hay
  • Mercedes McQueen
  • Zack Loveday
  • Ziggy Roscoe
  • Marlena “Nana” McQueen
  • Theresa McQueen
  • Phoebe McQueen
  • Darren Osborne
  • Maxine Minniver
  • Sienna Blake
  • Leela Lomax
  • Tom Cunningham
  • Trevor Royle
  • Jack Osborne
  • Explore these Hollyoaks village locations:
  • Dog in the Pond
  • The Hutch
  • The McQueens’ house
  • Price Slice
  • The Folly
  • The Roscoes' garage
  • Esther’s Magic Bean
  • The Savages’ Boat
  • Dee Valley Police Station
  • The Emporium
  • The Hospital
  • Accompanied to music by artists such as:
  • International Departures
  • Feral Brood
  • Alexander
  • Stalking Horse
  • Ian Britt
  • Miracles
  • 10 Reasons
  • What are you waiting for? Download the game by searching for 'Hollyoaks' in your app store and return to the Hollyoaks village now!