Hi Tam, can you tell us a bit about what happens this week on Hollyoaks?

This week, Jesse blames Glenn for Adam's death, and in turn he blames Grace too. When Grace finds out that the salon has been closed since Adam's death and that Jesse is cancelling customer bookings, she decides to take matters into her own hands and help him out. She arranges for Misbah to come in for her haircut, but Jesse sends her away and refuses Grace's help.

Tell us a bit about Jesse and Grace's relationship?

I don't think Jesse was ever happy about Grace being with his dad, so he blames her a little for what's happened. Jesse is the only family she has left, so she doesn't want to lose him!

How is Grace coping after Adam's murder?

Grace is beside herself with grief and is desperate to find out who murdered her brother. She receives the Order of Service for the funeral, but it has a picture of a stranger printed on it instead of Adam. It doesn't get any better when she later finds out that Jesse has been making arrangements for the funeral without including her!

Grace decides to take matters into her own hands and find Adam's killer, can you tell us a bit about her plan?

Grace thinks that Jay killed Adam, so she makes a plan to get him on his own. She tricks him into meeting her and using a slightly 'James Bond' style rigged car to force him into a confession.

How is Grace and Glenn's relationship at the moment?

Icy, to say the least. Glenn has been treating Grace badly for a long time, but every time he knocks her down, she picks herself up and forgives him. Let's hope Grace finally realises what a fool she's been, and soon!

Will Grace be able to fix her relationship with Jesse and find out the truth behind Adam's murder? Tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!