Hey, Susie! Let’s talk about joining Hollyoaks. How does being part of the cast make you feel?

I feel delighted. It’s been so much fun. The storylines are brilliant, I feel very lucky to be involved.

Tell us a little bit more about your character.

She’s a complex character - she has a heart, but she has developed a hardness to her. She loves her son more than anything, but there is an element of needing to control any situation with him.

If you could summarise Scarlett in three words what would they be?

Mischievous, bold, adventurous.

Do you and Scarlett share any similar characteristics?

Well, I’m adventurous too. She met Luke when she was travelling and there is nothing I love to do more. I’m pretty forthright when I need to be and Scarlett shows herself to be like that very early on in Hollyoaks.

What’s in store for Scarlett over the next couple of weeks?

Seeing Luke for the first time in years is bizarre and stirs up all sorts of emotions. He meant so much and he had given her, her much loved son. But she’s angry, so seeing him happy and about to get married is painful - even if she did choose to leave him.

After Footballers Wives, how does it feel to be working closely with Gary Lucy again?

I adore him - we’ve got amazing memories of working together in the past - and it’s such a joy to get to work together again, with a totally different character dynamic this time. He hasn’t changed a bit!