Hi Ruby, can you tell us what happens in this week's Hollyoaks?

Peri finds out that it's Harley's birthday, and plans to throw a big party for her. But this is Hollyoaks, so it obviously doesn't go according to plan and there's some huge teenage dramas going on! There is also an unexpected guest in a mask who turns out to be Nico, and worst of all, Peri is oblivious to the danger that they are all in.

As far as Peri is aware, Nico is dead - what would her feelings be about her being alive?

The last time they were together, Nico confessed all of her sins, and their friendship didn't end well. Nico was obsessed with Peri and wanted her all for herself, so if Peri found out she was back, she'd probably be really scared!

Nico did lock Peri in the bunker, but do you think Peri could forgive her and they could become friends again?

Absolutely not. Peri is quite a forgiving character, but some things are a bridge too far. Peri was horrified when she found out that she was a murderer, and genuinely believed that she was going to be next on Nico's list.

What are Peri's feelings towards Harley after their kiss?

Peri's very confused at the moment, because she's never had feelings for a girl before and is scared by this. She isn't sure if she's just confusing their feelings of friendship with something more.

Why is Peri so adamant on throwing a party for Harley and reuniting her with her mum?

Harley's had a terrible childhood, and Peri just wants her to have some kind of happy memory. She thinks a party would be a great idea. I suppose Peri is trying to fix things for Harley, and she cannot imagine that Harley's mum wouldn't want to meet her after all this time.

Lily refuses to attend Harley's party - do you think her and Peri will ever make friends again?

You can't really blame Lily for not wanting to go, Peri did sleep with Prince, and then pretended to be pregnant. But who knows! It would be nice to think that they could be friends again somewhere down the line.

With Nico back and up to no good, will Harley's party end in disaster? Tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!