Hi guys, can you tell us what happens this week for Cleo and Joel?

Rory - Cleo discovers that Joel has been keeping a food diary of her eating habits, she begins to feel betrayed and believes it's an invasion of her privacy. They have a huge fight, so Joel attempts to put all her insecurities (like Sienna and her bulimia) at ease by making a big gesture and proposes, but what will Cleo say?

Cleo and Joel have been through some tough times, what do you think always brings them back together?

Nadine - They love each other. There is a real chemistry between them -we don't know why that could be- (laughs) and the bun and bleach just go well together!

Cleo seems to have put Joel's involvement with Bart's murder behind her - why do you think she's managed to see past this?

Nadine - It's Hollyoaks and if you avoided anyone who has been involved in a murder... there literally wouldn't be anyone left in the village! But seriously, I think she just needs him in her life and loves him dearly.

Do you think Cleo will ever stop feeling jealous of Sienna?

Nadine - I think it will always be a thought in the back of her mind, so I feel like she'll always feel slightly insecure about Sienna and Joel being together.

What are Joel's feelings for Sienna now?

Rory - He thinks she's beyond help. He's over it, but there are still attachments through Sebastian and he does have some unforgettable history with her.

What would you both like to be the final outcome for Joel and Cleo?

Hopefully a spin off show set in Ibiza and a happy ever after!

Will Cleo say yes? Tune in to Hollyoaks tonight at 7pm on E4 to find out!