Hello Parry! Can you tell us what happens in this week’s Hollyoaks?

Well! Things go from bad to worse for poor Harry, he's been thrown out, he’s grown some sexy stubble and he's taken to becoming a male prostitute to survive. While he's on the job, Ryan comes looking for a male prostitute to help with his sexual frustration and instead finds Harry. There is a lot of confusion and to avoid the truth coming out, Ryan arrests Harry. James comes to the rescue, and the rest has to be watched!

Ryan manages to cover up why he is there, but do you think Harry knows the truth?

I think he is about to realise the truth, but then his train of thought gets swept away when he gets arrested. He has a lot on his mind as it is, so it’s very low on his priorities as to what is up with Ryan.

James steps in as Harry’s lawyer and they’ve always had a thing, but do you think they would ever work together?

If two people are attracted to each other then I don’t see why not! But I feel like Harry is still a sucker for Ste and won’t be forgetting about him any time soon. However, there might be a little spark here or there between the two!

Harry is obviously going through a difficult time at the moment. What do you think it would take for him to go to the police and confess that he “killed Amy”?

I think something would have to happen to threaten someone he loves, like his dad or Ste. He was on the edge of confessing during Trial Week – if Ste was found guilty. It’s always in the back of his mind, but it would take something big to happen to someone close for him to confess now.

Do you think there’s hope for Starry after everything?

I'd like to think so. In real life I'd say absolutely not, because Harry pretty much killed Ste’s baby mama, and then just left her there. He then lied about it and put Ste in jail for six months – who just forgets that? Luckily for Harry, this is soap world and I feel like they might have a chance.

Do you think Tony and Harry will ever be able to mend their relationship?

I think Tony blames himself for what Harry has done as he was never there for him during his early years. But I think the only way Harry can mend their relationship is by confessing to the police and showing Tony that he's a good man! But that means I would have to go to jail and wouldn’t be on TV... so got to figure out what’s better, don’t I?

Stay tuned all week to find out if Harry can get himself out of this one!