Hi Nikki, we saw Maxine trash Adam's wake this week - is the knowledge of his cheating affecting her grieving process?

Absolutely. She really wants to mourn her husband, but after finding out about his cheating with DS Roxy, she feels like she didn't really ever know Adam.

Glenn tried to kiss Maxine this week, how does Maxine really feel about him?

Maxine is really confused about Glenn. She's gone from thinking he murdered her husband and absolutely hating him, to believing it wasn't and him and seeing him being so supportive of her and Minnie. She doesn't know how to feel right now.

Do you think Maxine is falling for another controlling man?

I wouldn't say she was falling for another controlling man in a love interest type of way, but she's definitely under Glenn's spell, and believing everything he's saying. Glenn has confided in Maxine about his illness, he's shown his vulnerable side to her, and now she's falling for his act.

Maxine obviously feels guilty about what happened with her and Glenn, why does she decide to come clean to Grace?

Maxine has been cheated on and hurt before, so she knows the devastation it causes, and Grace means a lot her. She wouldn't want to be responsible for the Grace and Glenn's break-up, she's been through so much already.

What's it like working with Bob Cryer?

Amazing. I love working with him, he is nothing like his character, he's kind, caring and really funny. We all have a real laugh on set.

Could Maxine be falling for Glenn? Tune in to Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!