Hi Nadine, can you tell us about what Cleo admits to in this week’s Hollyoaks?

So its Carmina’s christening this week and obviously she’s hanging round with Bart. She notices Bart stealing money and he tries encouraging her to go back to the drug den. She’s tempted to go with him and use Carmina’s christening money to get some more heroin, but she decides against it and comes clean to the whole family about her previous drug use.

Why do you think she decided to tell everybody?

I think Cleo normally has a really good moral compass but lately she’s just getting trapped and hanging round with the wrong people. She idolises Bart, so that’s how she let herself get involved in the drugs. She is also still trying to numb the pain of losing Nathan and Celine. However, when she’s surrounded by her family and Joel who she thinks a lot of, she feels really guilty for even thinking of taking Carmina’s christening money, so she just lets it all out to them.

Do you think she can help Bart at all?

Potentially. I think he could be too far gone, but I think she does try. However, he isn’t very good to Cleo. He even left her when she overdosed and he’s the one that got her on drugs in the first place. She’d like to help him, but it could be too late.

Also this week, Lisa and Cleo end up in a fight. Can you tell us a bit about that?

It all comes to a head about Nathan. They’ve both just had this bubbling under the surface for so long and obviously they’ve both screamed at each other previously and this is the first time they’re seeing each other since. Cleo regrets so much about setting Lisa and Nathan up and I think Lisa has always had a problem with Cleo being around. They both just hate each other at this point so that’s how they end up fighting.

Does she have true feelings for Joel or is he just a distraction?

I think she always likes a good romance doesn’t she! He is unavailable but he is really lovely to her and he’s kind of taken Cleo under his wing to stop her taking heroin – he basically saved her life. So yes, I do think she is definitely starting to like him more and more. There’s definitely something brewing.

Do you think Cleo is truly over Nathan?

Probably not. I think she is still grieving for Nathan and Celine because everyone she’s ever loved has died or leaves her, so she’s not had the best time. It’s probably the main reason why she’s acting out because ultimately she is still grieving.

Do you wish they’d had the chance to find love together before he died?

I wish I got to kiss Jared a bit more before he left [laughs]. I definitely wish they’d have had a kiss before he died because I just really wanted that for the audience but it just wasn’t meant to be.

We’ve seen Cleo go through a whirlwind lately, how is she feeling at this point?

She’s a bit lost at the minute because she’s not working at The Dog anymore, Myra was on about moving to Spain and she just feels like everybody is leaving her. This week Myra asks her to clear out Celine’s stuff and it seems like everyone is moving on and getting on with their lives and forgetting about Celine whereas Cleo is still clinging on to her.

What do you think would make Cleo happy?

I think she should win the lottery – she deserves it [laughs]. I want her to find true love and just be happy for a bit. I do also want her to get pregnant - I just want her to have fun and be happy!

Hayley (@bychan87) on Twitter asks: Which of the storylines have been most difficult for you to act out?

Definitely the scenes with Pete my stepdad. They were quite dark and I remember the scenes where I was in bed in my pyjamas in my little pink bedroom and him being at the end of the bed. Kai and I got on so well, but it was dark and we did go to a dark place because you have to remember this does actually happen to people and I know of people it has happened to. It was such a powerful storyline to do, but it was difficult. Another difficult thing to film is the titles because you have to try and be sexy and anyone that knows me knows that it is not me and I get all nervous and embarrassed [laughs].

Lisa (@Lisawestlife10) on Twitter asks: How would you describe your character in three words?

Loveable, naive and feisty!

Shabnam (@ShabnamAshraf) on Twitter asks: How are you like Cleo and how are you stark opposites?

I am similar as I am also like a little nanna. She’s like dreary McQueen isn’t she, and the sensible one who’d rather sit in and revise which was what I was like at school. Ways I am not similar are if someone doesn’t like me then I can tell but Cleo just doesn’t give up.

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