Hi Moya, can you tell us about Breda McQueen, and why she's come to Hollyoaks?

Breda McQueen is Goldie and Sylver's mother, and a cousin of Myra's. She is a Super Nanny by trade, and arrives in Hollyoaks to bring her branch of the family closer together. Especially as her son will be released from prison soon.

Do you think Breda is a stereotypical McQueen?

I think she is, in the sense that she is a strong and colourful individual, who doesn't have a lot of fear for authority. However, Breda pretty much ploughs her own furrow, and is very much her own person.

What has Breda been up to all these years?

Breda has been working hard at her career as a Super Nanny, and has kept close to where Sylver has been incarcerated, just to be near him for comfort and guidance.

What kind of mum is Breda?

Breda comes from the firm but fair school of motherhood. She's like a tigress for her kids.

How has Breda's relationship been with Goldie and Sylver over the years?

I think most people would presume she favours Sylver over Goldie. This is certainly not true, and you can see her love for Goldie when she becomes more settled in the village.

What's it like working with Chelsee Healey and David Tag?

Truly fantastic! They are two very hard working, clever and sharp actors. I feel I have to be on the top of my game, I'm very lucky to have these two beauties as my on-screen offspring!

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