Hi Jess, what has Nancy been up to this week on Hollyoaks?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week for Nancy! She’s come face to face with her sister’s murderer, decided she wants to foster Brooke, been told her husband doesn’t know if they will still be married in five years, and had an MS relapse that's left her in a wheelchair… How she keeps going is beyond me!

Why does Nancy feel like Brooke is her responsibility?

I think Nancy had an instant connection with Brooke. She sees this sparky, smart girl who is in such a vulnerable position, now she is forced to grow up alone without any support. It breaks Nancy’s heart, as I think she can identify with Brooke. She doesn’t always get it right, but her heart is in the right place.

Did she get any closure after talking to Fran?

If I’m honest, I’m not sure. Becca’s murder will always be something that haunts Nancy, but I think in a way, she is trying to make peace with such a terrible part of her life by taking on Brooke.

Is Nancy as fearless as she lets on?

A lot of the time Nancy is all bark and no bite. She doesn’t want to show weakness, but underneath I think she is terrified a lot of the time!

How is Nancy coping now wheelchair bound?

She’s putting on a brave face and is determined it’s not going to change anything... but of course it is.

Do you think Nancy has her suspicions about Darren’s affair?

At this point, absolutely not! When it comes to Darren, she has her blinkers on. She loves her family and wants to be the best mother and wife she can be, even if her temper does get in the way sometimes.

How would Nancy react if she found out about the affair?

I think she’ll be deeply hurt. When Darren didn’t want to sleep with her, she felt it was her fault and that she wasn’t good enough. To find out it was because of another woman will be awful for her. She lost her surrogate mother, Frankie last year, her school got blown up, she’s dealing with MS, and now taking on a foster child as well as her own two children. To find out Darren has been cheating on her while she’s been going through all this, will be a very low blow!

Are you enjoying working with Talia and welcoming a new member of the family to the Osbornes?

Absolutely! Talia is an absolute joy to be around, and she’s always smiling. She is a complete professional who is always prepared and eager to learn. She’s a bright cookie, and a terrific little actress. She’s a great addition to the Osborne family.

Want to find out if Nancy can cope with it all? Well, make sure you don't miss Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4!