Hi Jessamy, could you tell us what happens with the Cunninghams next week on Hollyoaks?

There is family turmoil in the Cunningham-Savage household, and there are some BIG decisions to be made, but you'll have to tune in to see what happens!

How does Liberty feel towards Milo?

She really likes him. So, when he admits to killing Dirk, it's a struggle for Liberty to know what to think or how to feel about him anymore.

Has Liberty enjoyed having Dennis around again?

She hasn't seen her cousin in years, and they are very close, so she adores it. I love it just as much as she does, and Joe's hilarious!

How is Liberty coping with the loss of Daddy Dirk?

It's a really tricky time for Liberty. She came back, because (in her words) "Family is where the heart is", and now she has very little family left. She's heartbroken and a bit lost.

Do you feel fully settled in at Hollyoaks?

Completely. I've been here for a few months now, it's been a great experience and so much fun!

Can we expect more songs from Liberty anytime soon?

Never stop expecting little ditties from Liberty. They are so much fun to film, and I love her musical superstar side!

What decisions will Liberty have to make and how will they affect the family? Keep watching Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!