Hi Jen, how explosive is Mercedes’ entrance back to the village next week?

Aw it’s amazing! I couldn’t have had a better return. I feel like Mercedes’ first episode is a good taster, but is gearing up for the #MagalufOaks special, which is a comeback and a half! I felt so fortunate that they had invested so much into my return, and the special is ram-packed with lots of McQueen shenanigans. It’s a must watch!

Where has Mercedes been?

She went to America to find Bobby and try to rebuild her relationship with him. However, she ended up in Magaluf with her first love, Russ.

Does it feel good to be back?

It feels really good. There have been some massive adjustments in my life, with moving homes, Daye starting nursery and me having to use my brain again on little sleep! But it’s been great, and after a month, we are slowly finding our feet.

What should we expect from #MagalufOaks?

It’s Mercedes’ hen do and all the McQueens have come out to join her and celebrate the only way McQueens know how... absolute carnage!

Do viewers have more McQueen madness to look forward to?

So much more! I love our clan. The scenes are great fun to film, and most of it is our silly humour off-set that translates on set.

Has she changed since we last saw her?

She likes to think she has, maternally maybe. Bobby is her world but crazy Mercedes will never leave the building and that’s just the way I like it!

How much has Mercedes missed her family?

So much. I feel that while she has been with Russ the past year, she has been very tame, so she has a lot of making up to do with her lot. She loves them more than anything.

Want to see Mercedes' return? Well, make sure you don't miss Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4!