Hi Jen, can you tell us what happens this week for Mercedes?

Russ has had some making up to do, after accusing her of being a serial killer! So, he buys her The Dog In The Pond, and Mercedes is now a landlady! Russ then starts to get a bit paranoid over her close relationship with Sylver.

How will the McQueens run the pub differently to previous owners?

Completely different! They're just going to make up their own rules as they go along. They want to make The Dog a proper good night out for their customers, and a McQueen night out is wild! It's definitely not what Marnie would have wanted.

Why did the grand gesture of buying The Dog mean so much to Mercedes?

She realises that it was Sylver's idea, and that makes it so much more meaningful for her. They can't be together, but she can feel how much he cares for her.

How happy is Mercedes with her new job?

She's always wanted to be a landlady, it's her dream job. She feels so powerful, and it means so much that it's in village she was brought up in.

How will Mercedes change now that she's a landlady?

Not much at all! She definitely thinks she's better than everyone else, loves telling everyone what to do, and bossing people around. Myra gets the brunt of that for sure.

Will this pub get her relationship with Russ back on track?

It was a massive apology, and I think it's a short-term fix. I personally think all grand gestures wear off, eventually.

Could you tell us a bit about Mercedes' relationship with Sylver, and how it progresses in the next week?

They were first loves and she's the only person he's had any romantic connection with. Mercedes has put it to the back of her mind over the years, but now he's living with her, it's bringing back those memories. She is trying to convince herself that Russ is the right one, and Sylver's not an option, but they can't deny their chemistry. He knows her better than anyone else, she almost can't hide around him.

What will be the McQueens business techniques for running a pub?

Anything goes. Anything to get through the day, and there will probably be a couple of scams here and there. They're just going to go with the flow, and have a lot more parties.

Who is your favourite character?

There are loads of amazing characters, but Marnie is actually great, and so hilarious. Lysette is an incredible actress.

Is a pub run by the McQueens a disaster waiting to happen? Keep watching Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!