Hi David, what happens this week for Mac on Hollyoaks?

Firstly, Mac is visited by Alfie, who has always stood up for his father and has always had a special bond with him. However, because of his schizoaffective disorder, he’s not sure if Mac is really fully recovered from locked-in syndrome. Then, later on in the week, he is visited by the entire Nightingale clan…

Who is dreading seeing Mac the most?

Other than Alfie, all the other family members are dreading to see the monster that is Mac, especially Ellie. Who can blame them?

Is Mac willing to change his ways?

I’m sure that Mac desperately wants to change his ways, get the pub back, and to make amends with his family… But the question is, can he?

How does his family deal with his return?

The family are in complete turmoil over his return! They are terrified that he could be out for revenge…

How is his recovery?

His recovery has been very hard for him as he was suffering for so long, but miracles do happen, especially for Mac!

Why is he going back to the village now?

The Village is his life, he loves many people there. He wants to claim back his old life and everything he’s lost.

How is his reunion with Hunter?

His reunion with Hunter is dramatic and unnerving, especially for Hunter. It brings back a lot of horrible memories for him, and he is still battling with anxiety.

Is it nice to be back filming?

It’s fantastic to be back! I love playing the bad man, it’s so much more fun. It’s the return of the Mac!

Who do you wish you had more scenes with?

Love doing scenes with Greg and Lysette! They are awesome! I have no doubt we will be filming lots of scenes together in the future, or will we…

How will the village react to Monster Mac's return? Keep watching Hollyoaks all this week at 7pm on E4 to find out!