Hi Aisling, can you tell us what happens with Adam and Darcy this week?

This week Darcy realises that Esther and Nancy are trying to set her up! She thinks 'I can play that game too!', and plans to seduce Adam, so she can prove to Jack that the girls are behind it and that she's not a bad person. She is very clever at uncovering other people's lies, because she's so good at it herself, she will not be fooled so easily! She wants Jack and a stable happy life, so is determined not to let the girls ruin it.

Does Darcy still have feelings for Adam?

Adam is Darcy's first love, so she will always be in love with him, but she knows that ship has sailed and he would never come back to her. She's got to move on and Jack will be a perfect provider for her and Toby.

Is Darcy scared that Esther and Nancy might uncover the truth?

She is definitely scared the girls might uncover her plans. That's why she must outsmart them and make it seem to Jack that they are trying to split them up. She is the master of manipulation and won't let them win. However, she lives her life in fear, always scared she might be caught... luckily, she's very good at deception.

Does Darcy have a plan if she does get Jack's money?

Who knows what her plans are if she gets Jack's money! Jack is a kind-hearted man, so I don't know if she will really cause him pain. I feel like he's making her soften, perhaps this could be a change for her. She wants to be financially secure and that's the main thing, but Jack is pulling at her heart-strings more than she ever would have thought.

Darcy has this mean girl persona, but do you think there is a soft side to her?

Darcy definitely has a soft side, this front she puts on is her armour against the world. Behind closed doors she yearns to feel loved, safe and secure. Her little boy is her priority and she honestly believes all her actions are part and parcel of making a better life for Toby.

Do you enjoy playing Darcy?

She's a great character to play, the quality I love the most is her vulnerability. She might seem like a villain to most, but she has an emotional soft and scared side. This makes her really interesting to play!

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