Right ‘Oaksters, think you know Hollyoaks? Well think again, here are some ‘Oaksy facts that will have your mind boggled, get ready for a few surprises:

1. Woop Woop Hollyoaks is 20 years young!

Hollyoaks was first broadcast back in 1995 on the 23rd October, and is set in the fictional borough of Hollyoaks, in Chester (but you all already knew that).

2. A soap of firsts…

  • Hollyoaks made history by being the first (and only) soap to tackle male rape, we have now done so in two separate story lines.
  • Hollyoaks had the first ‘legal’ gay wedding in a church ever in soap land (Woop, go Hollyoaks).
  • And Hollyoaks had the first gay character on a soap to be diagnosed with HIV.
  • 3. We've had our fair share of celebs!

Everyone loves Hollyoaks, including the celebs! Over the years there have been many famous faces come and go. The likes of James Corden, Jeremy Edwards, Will Mellor and Game of Thrones star, Nathalie Emmanuel have all had roles in Hollyoaks. And we haven’t even started on the celeb cameos yet:

Linda Lusardi (1998)

Paul McKenna (2000)

Boy George (2002)

Cat Deeley (2002)

Nick Knowles (2005)

The Saturdays (2008)

Andrew Lloyd Webber (2008)

Radio 1’s Scott Mills (2008)

Bonnie Tyler (2009)

McFly (2009)

Wretch 32 (2011)

Lethal Bizzle (2012)

Radio 1 and X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw (2013)

Eammon Holmes (2013)

Ben Foden (2014)

The Vamps (2014)

4. And the award for longest person in the make-up chair, goes to...

Ziggy Roscoe (played by Fabrizio Santino) takes the longest in the chair! Mr Santino needs his hair washing and styled every day…yeh it’s the hair we all notice when Ziggy Roscoe’s on screen!

5. The most difficult Hollyoaks injury to create was ...

It took three hours (!) to put the sun lamp burn scars on Gemma Merna's face.

6. And then there are the tattoos…

Trevor’s famous tattoos including that scorpio on his neck, and the five others, are all fake!

7. You will never believe how many eyelashes Hollyoaks goes through

25-30 pairs a week! (Depending on which characters are scheduled in of course)

8. Grace's hair is the biggest diva on set!

Grace’s hair is a character in itself! Taking two hours to wash, dress and curl her hair piece and a further forty minutes to style in on Tamara Wall!

9.The sweets in Price Slice are REAL…

But the wine is not, using non-alcoholic beer/wine/champagne or even grape juice! All the cakes in Esther’s Magic Bean are fake too! But the Hutch has a fully functioning restaurant kitchen, (lunch at the hutch it is then).

10. Trevor's fish have their very own assistant!

Yes, they are real fish and actually live on set in the tank in Trevor’s flat; they are cared for and looked after every day by a member of the design team (Aww, Trevor would be so proud).

11. Hospitals don't come cheap, y'know...

The most expensive set was of course the hospital (well it is where plenty of the juicy stuff happens). And whenever there is a scene in an office it’s filmed in Lime Pictures offices!

12. The uniforms are real!

Whenever emergency service uniforms are needed, such as police officers outfits, we meticulously research the most up-to-date garb and hire them in!

13. Freddie has the most expensive item in wardrobe!

Yeh that’s right, that famous leather jacket costs between £400 and £500!

14. The actors do get a say in what their character wears!

When there is a new character in Hollyoaks the Head of Wardrobe has a meeting with the Executive Producer, to discuss the character’s background. The head of costume will then go on a shopping day with the new artiste to buy their character’s clothes! They do get a lot of input as they need to feel comfortable with what their wearing.

15. Mercedes McQueen owns around twenty body-con dresses…

…and Ste has about eight tracksuits (only eight?). Out of the girls, Mercedes also has the biggest clothes collection (no surprise there), whereas Freddie has the most out of the boys.

16. Hollyoaks have a wardrobe full of baby bumps!

Ahh, those all important baby bumps! There have been many pregnancy's in Hollyoaks over the years, or in Sienna’s case a fake pregnancy! There are actually fourteen different baby bumps.

17. Hollyoaks isn't exactly the safest place to live...

The three names that make any Oaks fan’s skin crawl: Toby Mills who was responsible for nine deaths, the Gloved Hand who is so far responsible for eight deaths, and Silas who was responsible for four deaths.

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