Hollyoaks: Come As You Were

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    The First Hollyoaks. But Can Everyone Go to the Party?

    It's party time but not everyone's invited - that's not a problem for Kurt who manages to copy a ticket. If only love was so easy! And we meet Hollyoaks legend Tony Hutchinson for the first time.

    This episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Teenage Cindy Goes into Labour with Baby Holly

    Dawn's family and Jambo plan to give her the best Christmas as she battles leukaemia. Cindy panics when her contractions start, and the Osbornes and Patricks share a Christmas they'd rather forget.

  • Luke and Mandy's First Ever Date

    Luke and Mandy go on their first ever date to Chester, meanwhile Cindy and Finn are Tony's reluctant employees at the video shop

  • Luke's Bullying by Mark Gibbs Takes a Dark Escalation

    OB sets Max up with a blind date with unexpected results. Dan's visit to put things right doesn't go to plan, and Ruth's anger towards Lewis results in passion. Mark takes a vicious revenge on Luke.

  • Mandy and Tony Fear It's too Late for Baby Grace

    Tony is frantic as the paramedics arrive at the flat, is it too late for baby Grace? Will Becca still run away with Justin? And Mel is taking her first trembling steps along the road to recovery.

  • Nancy and Darren's Surprise Wedding

    Nancy is shocked to discover she is supposed to be getting married today. Will she forgive Darren for his deception in time to make it down the aisle?

  • Tony Faces Cancer, while Nancy Goes on the Run

    Driven to the point of no return by conniving Sienna, Nancy's decision to escape in the car endangers her and the kids' lives. Tony is devastated as the effects of chemotherapy begin to take hold.