Heston tried a version of this original recipe from the famous Apicius Roman cookbook in Heston's Feasts


1. Take roses and remove all the petals; remove the white parts and put (the rest) in a mortar, pour on liquamen [a variation on Heston's garum] and pound.

2. Next add 1½ cyathi [a cyathus measures half a pint] of liquamen and strain the liquor through a colander.

3. Take 4 brains, remove the sinews and pound (with) 8 scruples of pepper. Pour on the (rose) liquor, pound again.

4. Next break 8 eggs, add 1½ cyathi of wine, 1 cyathus of passum [this is a reduced sweet wine] and a little oil. Next grease a dish and put it into the hot embers and pour in the mixture written above. When it is cooked in the hot embers, sprinkle on finely ground pepper and serve.

The original Latin for the boffins...

Patinam decoris: accipies rosas et exfoliabis; album tolles; mittes in mortarium, suffundes liquamen, fricabis. postea mittes liquaminis ciatum I semis et sucum per colum colabis. accipies cerebella quattuor, eneruabis et teres piperis scripulos VIII; suffundes ex suco, fricabis. postea oua VIII frangis, uini ciatum unum semis et passi ciatum I, olei modicum. postea patinam perunges et eam impones cinere calido, et sic inpensam supra scriptam mittes. cum cocta fuerit in termospodio piperis puluerem super asparges et inferes.

©Apicius: A Critical Edition with an Introduction and English Translation (opens in a new window) by Apicius (Author), Christopher Grocock (Editor), Sally Grainger (Editor).