Gordon Ramsay's F Word

    • Series 5 Episode 1

      The search for the nation's best local restaurant begins with the two Italian finalists going head to head. Meanwhile Gordon faces Katie Price in the celebrity food challenge.

    • Series 5 Episode 2

      Two Indian restaurants go head to head in the nationwide search for The F Word's Best Local Restaurant, while comedian Lenny Henry takes part in the Recipe Challenge.

    • Series 5 Episode 3

      Gordon heads for Paris to learn all about the dying art of croissant making, and Kelly Brook takes Gordon on in the Recipe Challenge with her stuffed Greek peppers.

    • Series 5 Episode 4

      Two Chinese restaurants go head to head under Gordon's watchful eye: Chop Chop from Edinburgh and Sweet Mandarin from Manchester. And Gordon hunts for crab in the Thames.

    • Series 5 Episode 5

      Simply Thai from Teddington and Yum Yum from London prepare a mouth-watering three course meal under Gordon's watchful eye, hoping to wow the F Word diners.

    • Series 5 Episode 6

      Gordon searches Britain for two brilliant Spanish restaurants to cook in the F Word restaurant. He also travels to Spain looking for the extraordinary food delicacy goose barnacles.

    • Series 5 Episode 7

      The Best Local Restaurant competition continues as Discover Bay from Huddersfield goes head to head with Santa Maria del Sur from London in the final of the Americas category.

    • Series 5 Episode 8

      The Pheasant from Cambridgeshire and The Swan from Kent battle it out in the F Word kitchen, and Gordon travels to the home of Father Christmas to cook some reindeer meat.

    • Series 5 Episode 9

      A Greek and Moroccan restaurant battle it out in the kitchen. Gordon uncovers the secrets of Greek cuisine. And Janet Street-Porter explores one of Morocco's greatest delicacies.

    • Series 5 Episode 10

      It's the first semi final as Sweet Mandarin from Manchester, Lasan from Birmingham, and Argentinian restaurant Santa Maria Del Sur battle it out for a place in the Best Local Restaurant final.

    • Series 5 Episode 11

      The Pheasant, Simply Thai and Greek restaurant Retsina battle it out for a place in the Best Local Restaurant final.

    • Series 5 Episode 12

      The search for the Best Local Restaurant climaxes as the finalists cook rare-breed beef, pork and chicken provided by Janet Street-Porter for a room packed with food writers