Gok's Fill Your House for Free

  • Episode 1 - Gelsomino and Kristine

    Gok Wan and the team help deli owners Gelsomino and Kristine to make their St Albans home more welcoming

  • Episode 2 - Dianne and Terry

    Gok Wan and his team of upcycling experts help devoted husband and wife team Dianne and Terry, who have both beaten cancer in the last few years

  • Episode 3 - Amy and Rory

    Gok Wan and his team of upcycling experts help musician Rory and designer Amy makeover their rented London home with the aid of mood boards and an ingenious lamp

  • Episode 4 - Eva

    Gok Wan and his team of upcycling experts help single mum of two Eva to bring her lounge up to date as it's currently 50 shades of brown

  • Episode 5 - Kate and Jay

    Gok Wan and his team of upcycling experts help Kate and Jay from Stevenage to drag their 1970s council house into the 21st Century and give it some serious style

  • Episode 6 - Sara and Ryan

    Sara and Ryan come to Gok's upcycling shop to get some help renovating their Edwardian semi. On the list are an overhaul of their bedroom and a revamp of the loft conversion.

  • Episode 7 - Terri and Russell

    Terri and Russell want a complete overhaul for their 1930s bungalow. Will Gok and his team be able to fulfil the couple's brief of 'bringing the outside in' without breaking the bank?

  • Episode 8 - Alice and Richard

    Alice and Richard from Chiswick need help to transform their terraced house into a lovely home. Will Gok and his team's cool and contemporary overhaul impress the family?

  • Episode 9 - Luke and Sophie

    Luke and Sophie from Humberside desperately need Gok and the team's expertise to make their two rundown cottages into a forever home, including a space for designer Sophie to sew in

  • Episode 10 - Hannah and Alex

    Lancaster couple Hannah and Alex put their decorating plans on hold when their daughter was born. They need Gok's help to transform their spare room into a man-cave for sci-fi geek Alex.

  • Episode 11 - Roxana and Torik

    Roxana and Torik from Chipperfield have recently become homeowners and parents. The team plan a total overhaul for their kitchen and living room and a treatment room for masseuse Roxana.

  • Episode 12 - Mandi and Sue

    Mandi's two bedroom house is in urgent need of help. Best friend Sue wants Gok to help find storage solutions, clear out old clutter and get the place fit for the biker queen that is Mandi.

  • Episode 13 - Stephanie

    Stephanie from Blackpool has spent the last 18 months battling cancer. Now cancer-free, she has moved into a new flat and is after a new start. Can Gok and the team transform her home?

  • Episode 14 - Laura and Kevin

    Laura has a penchant for all things 1970s, Kevin is far more contemporary; can the team inject some funk and style into their home, and transform the study into a crafting room for Laura?

  • Episode 15 - Dominic and Karen

    Scottish teachers Dominic and Karen have a baby on the way and need some help. Can Gok and the team upcycle them a cool new place to cook and a clean, uncluttered place to sleep?

  • Episode 16 - Zahid and Sameena

    London family Zahid, Sameena, and their three kids love hanging out so much that the house has been neglected. Will Gok and his team be able to rise to the challenge set by this family?

  • Episode 17 - Helen and Mark

    Helen and Mark need a helping hand to inject style into their 'bog standard' flat. They need to declutter and desperately need innovative storage solutions. Step up Gok and the team.

  • Episode 18 - Nikki and Chris

    Nikki and Chris live in Kent with their daughter and son. After splashing out more than £20,000 on repairs to their house, they ran out of cash for the decoration. Cue Gok and the team.

  • Episode 19 - Rachel and Andy

    Salsa dancing pair Rachel and Andy live in a house that can only be described as a 'box of beige'. Can Gok and the team inject some colour in and give the house some much-needed first aid?

  • Episode 20 - Louise and Darran

    Louise and Darran live near Blackpool with four-year-old son Jack and a baby on the way. Can the team transform their bedroom from boring to boudoir, and the bathroom into a place to relax?