George Clarke's Amazing Spaces
Series 7 Episode 4: Double Decker & Super Den

George meets Ellie, who's turned a double-decker bus into a luxury mobile home. There's also a multi-purpose super den in Suffolk with a roof terrace and a concealed pool table.

Next on TV: Thu 1 Aug, 9pm

A couple fit a camper onto a Tuk-Tuk and a dad creates a getaway in a nuclear bunker

First shown: Thu 18 Jul 2024 | 47 mins

George meets a couple turning a derelict water pumping station into a luxury holiday home

First shown: Thu 11 Jul 2024 | 47 mins

A couple turn a lorry and a caravan into an off-roader. Plus: a home that was once a skip.

First shown: Wed 3 Jul 2024 | 47 mins

George checks out a wedding cake folly and a stunning circular house in Denmark

First shown: Thu 27 Jun 2024 | 47 mins

George visits a bar covered in seashells. And a train carriage becomes a holiday let.

First shown: Thu 20 Jun 2024 | 47 mins

George starts to transform a rusty lift into a sky cabin. Plus: a modern Danish longhouse.

First shown: Thu 20 Jun 2024 | 47 mins

The front half of a plane is converted into the ultimate crash pad

First shown: Mon 20 Feb 2023 | 47 mins

George meets a teenager building a shepherd's hut from scratch

First shown: Mon 13 Feb 2023 | 47 mins

A Welsh farmer and his wife plan to upcycle an old horse lorry into a seaside retreat

First shown: Mon 6 Feb 2023 | 47 mins

George meets a mum who's transforming an old horse-drawn caravan into an accessible space

First shown: Mon 30 Jan 2023 | 47 mins