Cheese van on Tuk tuk on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Channel 4
Name: Simon

Area: Somerset

Occupation: Cheese Maker

Describe your amazing space…

It's an old 1970s horse trailer, that we have converted into a cheese stall with a sleeping pod/storage area on the side.

What inspired you to build it?

I wanted to create a space for my cheese business that was different to what was already out there.

What kind of planning permissions did you need?

None needed.

How long did the whole project take?

Two months.

What was your budget – did you go over it?

I had a £2000 budget and went £1000 over it.


  • Buying the trailer.
  • Starting work.
  • Finishing it!
  • Lows...
  • Realising I couldn't do all the work myself in the time line
  • Spending more than the original budget.
  • Would you have changed anything you did? Yes; I would have got more help for some of the work.Things you wished you had known before you started? How much time, stress and effort it was going to take.Top tips for other people embarking on a similar journey?
  • Have a contingency fund
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Make lots of lists.
  • Always get expert advice.