Amazing Spaces' stylist Jane Field-Lewis talks first hand about how to make the inside of your own building project as unique as the outside

Starting any project brings its challenges, but no more so than for the contributors to George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, many of who start planning their projects in the depths of winter.

This is also done while having to fit their project alongside their busy day jobs and looking after their families.

Tamzin and Ollie from The Warren also happened to be doing up their house at the same time, so it was all go when we were there filming for the third series.

Their vision was to transform their ordinary sized back garden into an inspiring hippy/Balearic/fantastical/Tim Burton inspired space... and they managed that and more. Through hard work, an active imagination and perseverance they created a hobbit hole, full of magic and fun, resulting in a truly wonderful and completely unique place.

While working on the project I was fortunate enough to see the different elements of the magic and atmosphere come together like the pieces of a puzzle, and here are a few key tips you can duplicate for your own enchanted space.

Choose Colours to Enhance the Personality of a Space

Light, bright and simple colour pallets are often the most popular within small areas, as they create a sense of space. However, in the case of The Warren it was more important to embrace the hobbity style and personality within its design and use something a bit different.

Pay Attention to Detail

In a small space it is even more important to focus on the detail. In The Warren wood plays a large role in exemplifying its personality. Making sure this was sanded and finished properly was as important as getting the overall design right.

Get Involved

When you are fully involved in a project your personality shines through it. This is even more important when it comes to small, unique projects. Getting a building firm to do all the work is not always the best thing to do, no matter how busy you might be. Instead you should consider rolling up your sleeves and really getting your hands dirty, just like Tamzin and Ollie.

Don't Always Look on the High Street

We went off locally to source some last minute pieces of hardware and decorative hinges that were needed for the round entrance door detail. Thankfully Ollie directed us to a number of traditional and independent family hardware stores to help us find something a bit different. In one store we were allowed into the huge storage room behind the counter to have a proper rummage for exactly what we needed. The joy of having items individually counted out into a brown paper bag and then being given a hand written receipt will stay with me forever.

For more tips and behind the scenes info check out Jane Field-Lewis's website