A gizmo extravaganza from the seasonal special show. These are sure to impress that tech-savvy friend or family member this Christmas.

Worx Jawsaw

Worx Jawsaw

An easy-use (and safe) alternative to the chainsaw.

The Jawguard encloses the chain and bar for safer operation.

To top it all of it is powered by a 600 watt motor.



Mini Transporter

The Handy Tracked Mini Transporter

Powered by 4-stroke Briggs and Stratton 900 series petrol engine.

The transporter has a useful 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. It has a load capacity of 300kg, and the hopper tips, so will be very useful on site.



Naim Mu-so

Naim Mu-So

Mu-so is Naim’s first wireless music system.

With six custom-built speakers and six 75 watt amplifiers, it delivers 450 watts of power.

Its advanced yet simple connectivity options include Airplay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth.



Planika Fireline

Planika Fireline Automatic 3

Bio-ethanol fuelled fireplace with built-in WiFi module.

Creates a smokeless flame which can be controlled via mobile devices.

It's Smart Home system compatible.



Research Robot

Baxter Research Robot

Introducing the world’s first interactive production robot.

It has two arms that feature 7 degrees of freedom.

Innovations include position, velocity and torque sensing on every joint.



Multicopter Hexatron

Revell Multicopter Hexatron

A large six rotor drone measuring 80 cm in diameter.

The large size makes it stable in wind, and the protective ring minimises damage to the aircraft and other objects.

It can also flip and roll at the push of a button.



Co-Motion Trike

Co-Motion Trike

The trike combines pedal power and an e-drive system.

It inlcudes five levels of power assistance and is controlled by a wireless console on the handlebar.

The E-drive system will run for between 30 and 50 miles.



London Crowd

London Crowd

View more than 350 TFL and other CCTV cameras covering zones 1 to 6 in London.

It uses a traffic light colour code to highlight areas of congestion at a glance.

Covers both road and pedestrian traffic.



ZOOM Sportscope

VP - ZOOM Sportscope

An adjustable personal periscope for seeing over large crowds at public events.

Comes with a variable power zoom lens for 4x to 9x magnification.

Optional belt clip available.

RRP:£50 (approximately)


Navigate Jacket

Navigate Jacket

The jacket, which pairs to your smartphone's GPS, uses haptic vibration feedback to guide you to your destination.

Frequency and intensity of vibrations vary based on the immediacy of the change in direction required.

It aims to create a safer and more engaged travelling experience.



Vertu Aster

Vertu Aster

Titanium Android device with a 4.7-inch display and 13MB camera.

It can be supplied in a range of exotic skins.

Included with six months of Vertu's 'Classic Concierge' service.

RRP:From £4,200


Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart

The Crazy Cart is capable of speeds of up to 12mph.

The design allows it to drive forward, in reverse, sideways and diagonally.

Battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use.



Power Rider 360

Power Rider 360

Electric-powered three-wheeler scooter.

The rear caster wheels enable the cart to perform full 360 degree spins.

Maximum speed of 9mph and run time of up to 30 mins.



Atom Model Car

Atom Model Car

Two seat, electric roadster made for the children’s luxury toy market.

Powered by a 48 volt motor and capable of speeds of 15mph.

Basic model comes with any choice of body colour in its standard and metallic paint range.



Grumman F6B Robot

Northrop Grumman F6B Robot

The ANDROS F6 unmanned ground vehicle incorporates both speed and agility.

Integrated arm, gripper & articulator sensors supply the operator control unit with real-time feedback on position and rotation using on-screen graphics.

In the US, 95% of bomb squads own and operate an ANDROS robot.



Napkin Table

Napkin Table

Design concept which aims to encourage friends to eat together.

Comprises a pair of straps on either side that attach around the neck of the diners.

Fabric then stretches out creating a surface in which plates, knives, forks and cups can be placed.



iGrill 2

iGrill 2

A smartphone connected grilling thermometer.

Four separate probes can be attached to the device enabling you to monitor separate cooks simultaneously.

Smartphone alerts tell you once your food reaches its optimum cooking temperature.





Ergonomic handle uses heat of the liquid inside the mug to warm the drinker's hands.

Handmade by craftsmen in the ceramic district of Montelupo, near Florence.

RRP:£31 (approximately)




Portable breathalyser device that connects to your smartphone via the headphone jack.

Uses an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor - the same technology used by US police and military devices.

Designed to quantify your reaction to alcohol.

RRP:£63 (approximately)


Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Karaoke Machine

Next-generation karaoke machine from the creators of 'Guitar Hero'.

Features more than 300 effects covering every genre of music.

'Song Voice' feature lowers existing vocals from standard songs allowing you to sing over them.

RRP:£316 (approximately)


Fireplace Xmas Jumper

Crackling Fireplace Christmas Jumper

Jumper incorporates a hidden pocket for a mobile device which displays an animated crackling flame.

Tap the screen to light the fire. Double tap to extinguish it.

RRP:£35.99 (approximately)


Snow Machine

SB100 Snow Machine

Electrical falling snow machine delivers a 5 metre spray of realistic dry foam snow in a 30 degree arc.

Accurate flake size adjustment.

No clear up required.



Rockboard Descender

Rockboard Descender

An all-terrain skateboard.

Uses tank-like treads instead of wheels to provide traction on grassy slopes, pavements, wooded paths and snow.



Snow Glyder

Snow Glyder Ski Scooter Conversion Kit

A conversion kit which turns any street scooter into a snow scooter.

You can remove the wheels and attach the skis.



Ski Bike Conversion Kit

Alpine Ski Bike Conversion Kit

Transforms virtually any bicycle into a fully-fledged ski-bike.

Allows you to replace wheels with ski brackets.

Constructed of extruded 6061 T-6 aluminium.

RRP:£319 (approximately)


Small Foot

Small Foot Inflatable Snow Shoes

Designed for walking through deep snow drifts.

Lightweight, and able to pack down into a small bag when not needed.

A small pump is used to quickly inflate them, while straps affix them onto existing outdoor footwear.

RRP:£127 (approximately)


Ice Grips

Yaktrax Pro Ice Grips

Made from an injection moulded thermal plastic elastomer

Designed to enhance your shoe tread with metal coils, which grip the ice.

Every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet making you as sure footed as a Tibetan Yak.



Snow Wolf

The Snow Wolf

Designed to clear away snow up to three times faster than a conventional shovel and with less exertion.

Wheeled design greatly reduces the physical strain of shovelling and the related risks of back and heart strains.

RRP:£102 (approximately)


Snow Blower

Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower

Designed to ease the clearing of snow drifts.

Can throw snow up to five metres using its mains powered electric motor.

Operating width of 31 centimetres.



Noxgear Tracer 360

Noxgear Tracer 360

High tech, high visibility vest utilising the latest in LED and fibre optic technology.

Uses the full colour spectrum and different illumination modes to keep you highly visible.

Also features 3 metres of reflective materials.





Thermal imaging camera attachment for the iPhone 5 and 5s.

The device houses one standard and one thermal imaging camera. The two images are combined on the phone's screen to provide extra detail.

Doubles up as a case for the phone.



Survival Shelter 2

Lifesystems Survival Shelter 2

Potentially lifesaving piece of safety equipment for outdoor activities.

PU-coated fabric and fully taped seams combine to create a warm, sheltered internal micro-climate.

Fitted with a window, air vent, reflective top-strip and waterproof seating panels.



Anki Drive

Anki Drive

Anki Drive is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) racing game that offers a video game experience with real racing cars.

Cars use a built in camera and infrared light, in combination with an on board microprocessor to determine their position on the 1m x 2.5m track.

ANKI means “learn by heart” in Japanese.





Software alters the tone of the bear's voice to mimic human emotion in its speech generation.

Artificial Intelligence allows the toy to hold a conversation, tell jokes and look up facts from the internet

Remembers your name and key facts about you - such as your favourite food. Can speak 30 languages out of the box.

RRP:£63 (approximately)


MiP Robot

MiP Robot

MiP is a gesture controlled robot that can self-balance on 2 wheels.

Features 7 unique game modes including free roaming, motion detection and dancing.

'Gesture Sense Technology' – allows MiP to respond to a variety of gesture based signals and commands.





Hybrid bike-scooter that combines the world of BMX and skateboarding.

Features novel rear-steering system.

Wide platform for side foot placement.



Joseph Joseph Twin-Cut

Compact 2-in-1 scissors.

Spring-loaded, stainless-steel blades provide a smooth cutting action.

Serrated cutting edge for opening cardboard boxes.



Tater Mitts

Tater Mitts

Special peelers fitted on the palms claim to peel away the outer layer of a potato within 8 seconds.

Potatoes must be heated in hot water pre-peeling.

RRP:£12 (approximately)


Upright Carrot Peeler

Upright Carrot Peeler

Six opposing blades allow carrots to be easily peeled with one smooth downward motion.

Spring loaded blades accommodate varying diameters of carrot.

Can either be clamped to a work surface or stood upright on a stand.

Tefal Fresh Cube & Stick

Tefal Fresh Cube & Stick

Electric mandolin that can prepare cubes, sticks, shred & slice in seconds.

Features a powerful 280W motor with automatic speed adaptation.

Cutting cartridges fit into a Magnetic Basket which attaches to the main unit.



Food Cycler CS-10

Food Cycler CS-10

The world's only odourless, short-cycle, in-home composting unit.

Transforms food waste into nutrient rich soil amendment in 3 hours.

No enzymes, pellets, or additives required.

RRP:£331 (approximately)


Miele Steam Oven

Miele DG6010 Steam Oven

A free standing steam oven.

Generates steam externally to the cooking chamber, before injecting it when required for precise temperature control.

Heats in just 5 mins to your preferred temperature.



Unikia Stirio

Unikia Stirio

Automatic pot stirrer.

Adjustable axle & arms, to fit a wide variety of pots between 16-28cm diameter.

Battery powered for 45 minutes.

RRP:£40 (approximately)


Weber Summit

Weber Summit E-670

Gas barbecue featuring 6 stainless steel burners and 624 sq. inches of cooking area.

Sear Station creates a temporary high heat zone for searing the outside of meat

Tuck Away optional rotisserie utilises a rear-mounted infrared burner for all over cooking.



Whizzy Whisk

The Whizzy Whisk

Pushing it up and down causes the whisk head to rotate at high speed.

Features 10 whisk arms, each with 2 whisk circles.

What's more it doesn't cause splashes.



Gizmo Jar Opener

Gizmo Automatic Jar Opener

An automatic jar opener, which takes 5 seconds to open virtually any size jar.

The Gizmo is also collapsible for easy storage.



myintercom ONE

myintercom ONE

Video Door Intercom - signals to smartphone/tablet when pressed.

Live view and two way audio communication.

Remote door access control with one touch via the app.



Jet Chill

Jet Chill

The world's first dry ice drinks system.

Converts liquid CO2 into powered dry ice, charging bespoke glasses in 10 seconds.

Upon contact with liquid, the CO2 sublimates to chill the drink - while not diluting the alcohol content.



Impossible Instant Photo Lab

Impossible Instant Photo Lab

Transforms a digital image on your iPhone into an analogue instant photograph.

Exposes instant photos to Polaroid-format film via photographic processes.

Polaroid style photos develop in less than 30 minutes.



Click Stick

Click Stick

A stick for selfies, which extends up to 1 metre in length.

Compatible with both iOS & Android smartphones.

No Bluetooth, pairing or batteries required.



Dearden's Capstan Table

Dearden's Capstan Table

Based on the 1835 British 'Jupe' design, this is an updated glass & metal version of the famous mechanism.

Expands from a 4 seater table, to accommodate up to 8 guests.

Hand operated.



Vincent Chairs

Vincent/Vera Chairs

One chair becomes two in a space-saving design.

The Vincent unit sits on top and locks together with the Vera unit to create the illusion of a single chair when stored on top of each other.

Available in black, walnut and oak.

RRP:From £670 (pair)


BBQ Bear Paws

BBQ Bear Paws

Loosely modelled on the great Grizzly - lift, carve & shred meats with ease.

Stay cool easy grip handles with nylon reinforced heat resistant design.

RRP:From £670 (pair)


Thermo Grill Tongs

Thermo Grill Tongs

Intelligent grill tongs with a fine probe needle measuring the core temperature of meat.

Once the ideal temperature has been reached an alert will be triggered that the meat is ready to serve.

Programmed for 7 different types of meat.



Slow Control Fork

Slow Control 10S Fork

Bluetooth enabled smart fork designed to change your eating behaviour through avoiding overeating.

By default an alarm is triggered if the time between servings is < 10 seconds.

Monitors eating patterns over time & syncs with your smartphone/tablet.

RRP:£63 (approximately)


Gift Wrap 3000

Gift Wrap 3000

Servo controlled gift-wrapping machine capable of wrapping more than 50 boxes per minute.

Automatic glue dispenser that can create multiple glue patterns.

Up to 30 different box types can be configured and wrapped by the machine.



Smarter Socks

Smarter Socks

Each 'Smarter Sock' contains an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip.

Socks communicate with the 'Sock Sorter' through NFC (Near Field Communication).

The Sock Sorter pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to pair up misplaced socks.



Wireless Armour Boxer Shorts

Wireless Armour Boxer Shorts

Men's underwear that claims to help block wireless electromagnetic radiation.

Silver mesh woven into the fabric is designed to create a "Faraday cage" based shield - as well as providing antibacterial benefits.

Both 360 & 180 models are available - one offering all over protection and one just on the front side



ALTRUIS Kovert Ring

ALTRUIS Kovert Ring

Bluetooth enabled smart ring - vibrates in programmable patterns when particular people call or text you.

Allows you to monitor your phone without having to check it in pubic.

Ring comes in gold, rose gold or platinum models.

RRP:From £290


Optoma Projector

Optoma Proscene EH7700 Projector with WT2 lens

Optoma EH7700 is brigtest in Optoma range at 7500 lumens.

Low Dispersion glass ensures sharpness and uniformity over the entire image.

WT2 lens creates image size of up to 500.



AV3 Projection

AV3 Projection

Projection designed and created by AV3 Media.

3D model of Gadget Man house created using Lightwave 3D software.

Animations projected live using visual mixing software Modul8.



Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic Ladder (3.85m)

Extremely lightweight from just 8kg.

Closed using velcro pads for ease of transportation and storage.

Small and compact, easy to carry around and perfect for use around the house or light trade.



Senz Storm Umbrella

Senz Original Stormproof UV Umbrella

Wind resistance of up to 100km/h.

UV protection (UPF 50+).

Uses a patented construction and unique aerodynamic design to bring emphasis on the length of the canopy rather than width.