Smartphones were just the beginning – if Silicon Valley has its way, every piece of clothing you own will have a computer in it. The idea is that everything can be improved with the addition of a gadget in order to… well, no-one is really clear on what these gadgets should actually do.

Among the most practical examples of these are being produced by Google – their Glass headset, which puts a smartphone on your face, and their new smart-watch – which puts a smartphone on a strap on your wrist. We here in the Futurgasm office aren’t massively convinced by either – they’re very clever, but we can’t see how they are really much better than a normal smartphone.

If you think those are strange, then the more wacky applications of it are seriously wacky – even including nappies that measure the content of your child’s wee and the arguably insane Pavlock, which gives you electric shocks if you fail to achieve your goals.

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