The idea of the Seastead isn’t new – the concept is: if you don’t like the laws in your country, you sod off and start a new one. Of course, since we discovered all the land in the world by the end of the 19th century, seasteading is a bit tougher than it used to be.

The concept is now if you can’t find any land to settle on and build your new Eden, you now build a floating city, free of mankind’s petty laws. Hence, Seasteading! Being on a floating city means you won’t pay taxes to your home country, and you can write all your own your ethical codes for things, from worker’s rights to medical experimentation. For one take on how this may well turn out, you can play the science-fiction horror game Bioshock.

Up until now, the idea has been exactly that – a sci-fi pipe dream. But now, with serious advances in technology, and huge injections of cash from Silicon Valley billionaires, the dream is looking ever closer to becoming a reality.

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