South London born comedian KG grew up on Myatts Field Estate in Brixton, one of six children. He gets much of his comedy inspiration from growing up in a typical Nigerian household.

KG likes to believe he's tech savvy but that pretty much amounts to owning a Nexus tablet and being a Spotify wizard.

The good old US of A met his wildest expectations, bringing him bags of excitement, enough “iconicisms” (we know, it's not technically a word but go with it) - yellow taxis, yellow school buses and red plastic cups - to get the sense that what’s presented on TV is actually real, in some way.

KG recently played the character Hi-Res in the feature film ‘Gone Too Far’ (as well as writing and recording the theme song, 'Where's He From'). He has acted with Alicia Dixon at the MOBO Awards. Other credits include ‘No Hats No Trainer’, ‘Foot to the Floor’, ‘The Revolution Will be Televised’, ‘Jason Lewis Experience’ and ‘Random Acts’. He also has a successful YouTube channel with fellow comedian Marston.

As a stand-up comedian, KG has opened for Gina Yasheri and performed at The Glee Club, O2 Indigo Arena and Catford Theatre. Catch him next summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.