Most of us have heard of Google Glass – the super-high tech pair of glasses that put a smartphone on your face. The joy of it is, unlike a smartphone, it enables you to take pictures and videos totally hands free – so, for example, marathon runners or mountain climbers can take dynamic pictures as they go.

Of course, most of us most of the time aren’t climbing mountains or running marathons – and most of us don’t like the idea of being filmed when we’re just going about our daily business. It’s got to the point where some bars in San Francisco will bar Glass-wearers – or ‘Glassholes’ as they are sometimes known.

More than worrying about being filmed, for some people, Google Glass has become shorthand for having more money than sense. People have been attacked for wearing Glass – after all, what better symbol of being part of the 1% than wearing a $500 camera on your mug?

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