What happens if you wear Google Glass at a urinal? And how did the geeky eyewear start a bar fight?

Strong language This programme is subtitled

Meet KG

Meet South London born KG, the man showing us the shape of things to come


The Trends

Rollin' Coal

Coal Rollin’ is an American backwoods trend, whereby people who love their trucks modify the engines to spew out black smoke

Quantified Self

The Quantified Self is a movement to measure every aspect of your daily life through data


A Californian trend that combines technology with body modification


The backlash against Google’s smart eyewear, Google Glass

The End of Food

Soylent is a high-tech food supplement. Is this the end of food?

Scraper Bikes

This West Coast trend is all about pimpin’ your bike

Live Forever

Who wants to live forever? Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, that’s who.

Elevator Enthusiasts

Meet Dieselducy, America’s favourite elevator enthusiast


Could drones be the new postmen?

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is an idea built around sharing human and physical resources

Wearable Tech

If Silicon Valley has its way, every piece of clothing you own will have a computer in it


If you don’t like the laws in your country, start a new one.