From Russia to Iran: Crossing Wild Frontiers

  • Episode 1 - Southern Russia

    Levison experiences breathtaking landscapes, bizarre ruins and a Sufi ceremony and crosses Chechnya - now ruled by a terrifying strongman - into Dagestan, where terrorists hide out in the mountains

  • Episode 2 - Dagestan to Azerbaijan

    In Dagestan - which the Foreign Office warns against visiting - Levison experiences warrior clans' hospitality, stunning beauty and ancient cities. Then it's on to country-of-contrasts Azerbaijan.

  • Episode 3 - Azerbaijan to Georgia

    Levison meets nomadic shepherds and dangerous dogs in the Gobustan desert, climbs to a castle halfway up a cliff, visits Stalin's birthplace and meets a hermit monk who lives atop a 45-metre monolith

  • Episode 4 - Armenia to Iran

    Levison travels through Armenia and Europe's forgotten warzone Nagorno-Karabakh, before heading into Iran towards Tehran, the Caspian Sea and the journey's end