French Collection

    • Episode 1 - Toulouse and Tunbridge Wells

      Julie transforms old chandeliers into statement necklaces, Nick turns a ladder into a herb management system, and Assly learns the art of hydro-dipping

    • Episode 2 - Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Leamington Spa

      Ghassan transforms mirrors, Julia replaces bulbs with candles in chandeliers and Karen buys something best avoided

    • Episode 3 - Cogolin and Shrewsbury

      Susan gives a cast-iron stool a snazzy new look, Emma tries her hand at reupholstery and Ian turns three fossils into works of art

    • Episode 4 - Sete and Liverpool

      Helen transforms an expensive wardrobe, Clive turns a death mask into a sculpture, and Freya learns to use gold leaf

    • Episode 5 - Rouen and North London

      Jo revamps an ornate bedframe, Jay turns a soda syphon into a ceiling light and Karing reupholsters some old chairs in modern grey leather

    • Episode 6 - Saint-Ouen and Brighton

      Marilyn turns an old screen into a changing room, Morgan makes a coffee table from parquet flooring and Emma buys an old table with a few hidden surprises

    • Episode 7 - Beziers and Cambridge

      Jules puts her stamp on some vintage beer pumps, Keith falls for a mannequin, and Vicky shows how to shabby chic a table and chest of drawers

    • Episode 8 - Nice and Bournemouth

      Jez creates a quirky coffee table out of a letter X, Karen turns an oil painting into a blackboard and MJ transforms some side tables

    • Episode 9 - Carpentras and Lincoln

      Debbie gives a ram's skull a touch of class, Alex turns some Citroën 2CV doors into restaurant signs, and Vicky transforms an olive oil pot into a statement lamp

    • Episode 10 - Sommieres and Norwich

      Sandra has a nightmare with a filing cabinet, Duncan turns speed limit signs into tables and Sarah works her magic on an old clock

    • Episode 11 - Leyment and Oxford

      Sally turns some ancient books into a set of shelves, Andrew transforms wooden trays with paintings of vegetables and Sam gives a dodgy dining table a new look

    • Episode 12 - Toulouse and North London

      Fiona revamps some tired stools using upholstery skills, Tommy takes a massive gamble on some skull art and Jo transforms an old cabinet with stencil artwork

    • Episode 13 - Cogolin and Cheltenham

      Filiz revamps a table with fabric, Billy brings an enormous toy robot back to life, and Laura gives a gilt mirror a bold new look

    • Episode 14 - Pezenas and Liverpool

      Sue turns a tired dressing table into a thing of 21st-century beauty. Jo reupholsters like it's going out of fashion. Jack makes retro tables out of a bread slicer, a wood burner and a copper heater.

    • Episode 15 - Nice and Tunbridge Wells

      Painter and decorator Jane transforms some nasty side tables, Ish breathes new life into rusty day beds and Tania revamps a shabby old bookcase covered in mermaids - although it doesn't all go to plan

    • Episode 16 - Beziers and Bristol

      Lorna makes tin bins into retro seats, Tracy gives a mirrored hallstand a new look, and Andrew turns hundreds of keys into original homewares

    • Episode 17 - Villeurbanne and Norwich

      Steph transforms a table with wallpaper decoupage, Leah shows she's the Queen of shabby chic, and Darren blow-dries a taxidermy badger

    • Episode 18 - Villeneuve-les-Avignon and Lincoln

      Polly uses her skills to revamp a chair, Aaron attempts to turn two heat lamps into industrial table lights, and Tracy turns shutters into mirrors

    • Episode 19 - Porte de Vanves and Oxford

      Leona buys retro fabric to turn into dresses, Gary takes a wooden ram's head and makes a coffee table, and Chloe transforms hats so they're fit for the races

    • Episode 20 - Carpentras and Leamington Spa

      Victoria finds a sofa to spruce up, David creates clocks from old keys, and Louise looks for anything to suit her Barbara Cartland style

    • Episode 21 - Jas de Roberts and Bournemouth

      Gavin turns a dilapidated fridge into a sink unit, Pam takes a big gamble revamping a rocking horse and Jennifer makes some doors into a coffee table

    • Episode 22 - Montpellier and Bristol

      Lucy turns a pesticide sprayer into a cool table lamp, David creates rustic wine racks out of filing cabinets, and Sara transforms a retro plant stand

    • Episode 23 - Pezenas and Shrewsbury

      Sally transforms a huge ornate pew, Sarah gives a watering can a whole new look using her own artwork and Gemma turns a retro radio case into a striking table lamp.

    • Episode 24 - Villeurbanne and Brighton

      Philippa and Shabana go head-to-head upcycling garden furniture with bright seaside colours - and Harry gives a gilt frame a new lease of life

    • Episode 25 - Arles & Cambridge

      Clare's upcycling sees her turn some wooden shoe lasts into table lamps, while Debbie spruces up some copper pans - and Gary turns a rusty metal vice into a cool lamp