French Collection

    • Episode 1 - Annecy & Eastbourne

      Jonah takes a saw and electric drill to an antique cabinet. Katie shows how simple upholstery can be, and property developer Vanessa hopes to turn her money-making expertise from homes to homewares.

    • Episode 2 - Villeurbanne & Lincoln

      Valerie puts all her eggs on a glass table, Emily turns a trunk into a bench, and Alanna begs and begs... and begs some more

    • Episode 3 - Carpentras & Portobello

      Ben blows his budget on an industrial drawer unit. Casey is keen to prove that granny-chic can bring big profits. And Julie transforms an old wheel into a table.

    • Episode 4 - Nice and Oxford

      Sarah cracks over a crackle glaze, Fran learns to create a traditional art deco motif, and Gary looks for big profits hidden in limescale

    • Episode 5 - Toulouse & Edinburgh

      Christian transforms some tables, Cary rescues a broken mirror and Paula pushes for every last pound. The end result is the closest in French Collection history.

    • Episode 6 - Sommieres and Winchester

      Lyndsey acts on impulse, John takes a saw to some antique furniture to create modern pieces, and Marie spends a lot on French polishing - but will it pay off?

    • Episode 7 - Arles and St Albans

      Meriel buys vintage fashion magazines just to cut them up. Keeley turns some retro fabric into cushion covers. And Yinka spends loads painting a child's wheelchair.

    • Episode 8 - Paris and Harrogate

      Noorie struggles to buy anything at all, Mark turns a suitcase into a table and Jessica reupholsters a bench seat for less than 60 quid - but can anyone tell?

    • Episode 9 - Valbonne and Edinburgh

      Marika uses a spray paint to turn a glass porthole into a mirror, Tom does the least amount of upcycling possible and retro queen Sally restores vinyl furniture

    • Episode 10 - Angers and Chester

      Three rivals upcycle gear to sell. Sandrine gets a telling-off from Mark, Jade uses her stamp collection to upcycle a desk, and Peter is shameless in his begging

    • Episode 11 - Villeneuve-les-Avignon & Portobello

      Rob restores a battered frame, Natalie is convinced she'll make hundreds out of an apple cart, and Keira gives a little love to a wooden trunk

    • Episode 12 - Nice & York

      Lesley Anne uses a cheap alternative to gold leaf, while Emily invests a lot of money in a gold clock. Glenn gets a surprising offer - but is he brave enough to accept it?

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      Episode 13 - Montpellier & Bristol

      Tony pays way over the odds for a table, Carolyn gives the benefit of her wealth of shabby chic experience and Kate has to think very carefully about a big offer

      This episode is subtitled44 mins
    • Episode 14 - Arles & Lewes

      Katie transforms traditional furniture using transfers, Cameron turns retro items into dog beds and herb gardens and Bettina has a run-in with an experienced dealer.

    • Episode 15 - Sommieres & Harrogate

      JP's just too nice to haggle, Julie gives loads of tips to shabby chic and Shafia pushes and pushes on price to prove everyone wrong

    • Episode 16 - Paris & Clapham

      Three Brits head to Paris, with a budget of 800 euros. Gina goes looking for unicorns, Aidan makes his own enormous picture frames and Sophie pushes for every penny.

    • Episode 17 - Toulouse & St Albans

      Natasha's convinced retro is the best way to make money. Tamsin turns a street lamp into something for the home. Wayne travels 200 miles for a special paint effect.

    • Episode 18 - Valbonne & Oxford

      Jake creates a new table top out of a pallet, Elaine goes all out with a peacock chair and Zoe's gluing efforts leave her unstuck

    • Episode 19 - Nice & Lewes

      James gives a retro record player a 21st century makeover, Georgie gets an irresistible offer, and Carol puts all her money in cowhide

    • Episode 20 - Villeneuve-les-Avignon & Lincoln

      Stephen learns the perils of buying lighting, Lisa shows how to save money when getting things framed, and Alice creates a shelving unit out of a ladder

    • Episode 21 - Villeurbanne & Eastbourne

      Designer Alice tries to transfer her skills to a flea market. Chris shows you can turn anything into a lamp. And is London-based Sophie too funky for Eastbourne?

    • Episode 22 - Carpentras & Winchester

      Rob creates a super-sized shelving unit out of antique posts and crates, Donna discovers there's money in mirrors, and Julie restores a leather chair

    • Episode 23 - Paris & York

      Sonia happily pays over the odds in Paris, Keith suffers a major setback, and Sharon tries to add value with spoons and butterflies!

    • Episode 24 - Richelieu & Chester

      Fiona buys a very unusual school desk, Belinda jazzes up a suitcase with the help of some LEDs, and Lewis gives an antique table a modern glossy twist

    • Episode 25 - Arles & Clapham

      Rachel spends a fortune on industrial lighting, Jason converts old grain sacks into stylish bags, and Lily thinks some rustic pitchforks could make a great interiors piece