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Cult drama series about the trials and tribulations of being a teenager at a Michigan high school in the 1980s


Lindsay causes worry when she quits the 'mathletes' and hangs out with a new crowd

First shown: Mon 20 Aug 2001 | 43 mins

Episode 1 - Pilot

Lindsay throws a keg party to win the freaks' approval when her parents go out of town

First shown: Tue 21 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 2 - Beers and Weirs

When going trick-or-treating, Sam faces humiliating insults and a run-in with the freaks

First shown: Wed 22 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 3 - Tricks and Treats

Sam's tormented by an older girl at school and Lindsay's surprised when Kim is nice to her

First shown: Thu 23 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 4 - Kim Kelly Is My Friend

The geeks watch a blue move after they're humiliated in a sex-education class

First shown: Fri 24 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 5 - Tests and Breasts

The freaks form a rock band while Nick makes a total fool of himself

First shown: Tue 28 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 6 - I'm with the Band

Sam, Neal and Bill form a plan when they face losing a new friend they only just made

First shown: Wed 29 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 7 - Carded and Discarded

While Lindsay feels confused about her relationship with Nick, Sam becomes jealous of Bill

First shown: Thu 30 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 8 - Girlfriends and Boyfriends

The novelty of dating Nick wears thin for Lindsay. Sam tries out to be the school mascot.

First shown: Fri 31 Aug 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 9 - We've Got Spirit

The Weirs read Lindsay's diary while the geeks seek revenge on their gym teacher

First shown: Mon 3 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 10 - The Diary

Fed up with the freaks' antics, Lindsay rekindles her friendship with the 'Mathletes'

First shown: Tue 4 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 11 - Looks and Books

Sam discovers a disturbing secret about Neal's dad while Lindsay plays cupid to Ken

First shown: Wed 5 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 12 - The Garage Door

Lindsay embarks on a long, strange journey when she tries pot for the first time

First shown: Thu 6 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 13 - Chokin' and Tokin'

Bill learns his mum's dating a teacher while the freaks get excited about seeing The Who

First shown: Fri 7 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 14 - Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers

Neal gets obsessed with ventriloquism while Lindsay becomes attracted to his older brother

First shown: Mon 10 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 15 - Noshing and Moshing

Cindy turns to Sam when she breaks up with her boyfriend. Nick crashes at Lindsay's house.

First shown: Tue 11 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 16 - Smooching and Mooching

Sam's new relationship turns boring. Ken lashes out when his girlfriend reveals a secret.

First shown: Wed 12 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 17 - The Little Things

Lindsay's world changes after listening to the Grateful Dead. Nick enters a dance contest.

First shown: Thu 13 Sep 2001 | 42 mins

Episode 18 - Discos and Dragons