Series 1 Episode 7

Frasier speaks to a male caller who is cheating on his girlfriend and advises him to break up with her. When the girlfriend arrives at the station to confront Frasier, he ends up dating her.

The Good Son: After relocating to Seattle, Frasier's disabled father Martin moves into his apartment

First shown: Wed 20 Apr 1994 | 23 mins

Space Quest: While adjusting to life with his new housemates, Frasier looks for a quiet place to read

First shown: Wed 27 Apr 1994 | 22 mins

Dinner at Eight: The brothers take Martin for a classy meal but end up at the Timber Mill House of Beef

First shown: Wed 4 May 1994 | 22 mins

I Hate Frasier Crane: Frasier is subjected to a hate campaign; Martin and Daphne encourage him to fight back

First shown: Wed 11 May 1994 | 22 mins

Here's Looking at You: When Martin meets a woman Frasier encourages the romance, but his father is hesitant

First shown: Wed 18 May 1994 | 22 mins

The Crucible: When Frasier learns that a painting he loves is a fake, he worries he might be 'shallow'

First shown: Wed 25 May 1994 | 22 mins

Call Me Irresponsible: After advising a male caller to break up with his girlfriend, Frasier is confronted by her

First shown: Wed 1 Jun 1994 | 22 mins

Beloved Infidel: When Martin and an old friend meet, Frasier and Niles suspect they once had an affair

First shown: Wed 8 Jun 1994 | 22 mins

Selling Out: Frasier signs with an agent who convinces him to do commercial endorsements

First shown: Wed 15 Jun 1994 | 21 mins

Oops!: Frasier passes on some gossip, which leads to his colleague Bulldog losing his job

First shown: Wed 22 Jun 1994 | 22 mins