• Episode 1 - And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (Part 1)

      Niles and Daphne discover there's a price to pay for admitting their true love

    • Episode 2 - The Bad Son

      Frasier begs Martin to take a tour of a senior citizens' home so he can ask out its attractive manager

    • Episode 3 - The Great Crane Robbery

      Frasier's bootlicking routine backfires when he invites his new boss, a nouveau-riche dot-com millionaire, to his tastefully decorated home.

    • Episode 4 - Taking Liberties

      Frasier hires a butler who spoils everyone in the household and offers Frasier some sage advice for his bid to join the snobbish opera board

    • Episode 5 - Legal Tender Love and Care

      Frasier begins to date the attractive attorney who defended him against Donny, who was jilted at the altar by Daphne

    • Episode 6 - The New Friend

      Frasier becomes friends with Roz's new beau, who then cheats on them both

    • Episode 7 - Mary Christmas

      A scheming Frasier works his way into hosting the annual televised Christmas parade, but is then horrified to learn Dr Mary will be his co-host

    • Episode 8 - Frasier's Edge

      On the night of the SeaBeas awards, Frasier has an emotional crisis that makes him re-evaluate his entire life

    • Episode 9 - Cranes Unplugged

      Frasier can't adjust to his 13-year-old son's new attitude, so he forces Freddy to go camping with him and Martin in an attempt to promote some male bonding

    • Episode 10 - Motor Skills

      After relying on AAA one too many times, Frasier and Niles take a car maintenance class. And when Roz gets Alice a puppy, Martin takes over the training...

    • Episode 11 - The Show Must Go Off

      Frasier and Niles try to revitalise the career of their boyhood actor idol, only to learn that he stinks. With Sir Derek Jacobi and Patrick Macnee.

    • Episode 12 - Sliding Frasiers

      In a homage to Sliding Doors, two radically different versions of Frasier's love life unfold

    • Episode 13 - Hungry Heart

      In a comedy of errors, Frasier tries to save station manager Kenny's marriage by diverting him from a rendezvous

    • Episode 14 - Hooping Cranes

      Frasier agrees to take his dad and Niles to a Seattle SuperSonics game, but cannot believe his eyes when Niles is plucked out of the crowd

    • Episode 15 - Docu Drama

      A tentative Roz asks Frasier to narrate her ambitious space documentary. But her worst fears are realised when he can't help getting involved in every aspect of it.

    • Episode 16 - It Takes Two to Tangle

      Frasier and Niles desperately search for a wealthy patron to lend support for their failing former prep school

    • Episode 17 - Forgotten But Not Gone

      Frasier resigns from his beloved Wine Club to avoid a conflict of interest when he begins a new radio show about wine

    • Episode 18 - Daphne Returns

      It looks like Niles' romantic dream could be over when Daphne's return sparks a squabble that could end it all between them

    • Episode 19 - The Wizard and Roz

      Frasier seeks advice from his mentor, who seems more interested in Roz. Meanwhile, Daphne tries to convince Niles she is psychic.

    • Episode 20 - Semi-Decent Proposal

      Frasier agrees to escort his former high school prom queen to her surprise birthday party, but his real aim is to spend time with her attractive friend

    • Episode 21 - A Passing Fancy

      Frasier tutors Lorna's son Kirby in exchange for a date with Claire, while Roz gets a day off in exchange for taking Kirby to the prom

    • Episode 22 - A Day in May

      Frasier comforts a distraught husband whose house has been put up for sale after his wife abandoned him, taking his four dear children with her...

    • Episode 23 - Cranes Go Caribbean

      Frasier is horrified when he learns Martin, Niles, and Daphne are going to accompany him on his trip to Belize with Claire