Andrew is one of the leading dealers of his generation. With a showroom on Pimlico Road, he stocks rare furniture and objects from all periods, creating a James Bond look with an emphasis on 20th Century design. He says has 'the most amazing furniture shop you have ever been to.'

Andrew actually aspired to become an artist when he was growing up and it was only after leaving Cambridge University that he came to the conclusion if he couldn't paint, he'd deal in art instead.

His first job was working as a van driver for an auction house, before quickly progressing to run the furniture department.

Then after two years under the stewardship of a good dealer, he bought himself a van and travelled to different auctions around the UK, 'cutting his teeth and selling to those he knew.'

Not surprisingly, success came quickly to Andrew and he likes nothing better than finding the sorts of antiques to furnish a Bond villain's lair. If it's a one-off object, he'll go for any period, so long as he can make a decent profit.