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Thu 4 Mar 2021: The Farrier

Mum and daughter Suzie and Dani Bushby host the final stay of the week at The Farrier in Cayton in North Yorkshire. Horse-loving Dani hopes to share her passion with their guests.

Next on TV: Mon 3 Oct, 5pm

The accommodation at Derry and Mike's glampsite in Skelmersdale proves divisive

First shown: Sat 7 May 2022 | 23 mins

Sat 7 May 2022: The Secret Garden Glamping

Former Ireland rugby player Brian Robinson hosts at his B&B in Cloughey, County Down

First shown: Sat 7 May 2022 | 23 mins

Sat 7 May 2022: Manse on the Beach

A BBQ brekkie gets a grilling at Shaun and Hollie's glampsite in Ballyronan

First shown: Sat 7 May 2022 | 23 mins

Sat 7 May 2022: Gracelands Glamping

The B&Bers rifle through some contentious feedback on payment day

First shown: Fri 1 Apr 2022 | 23 mins

Fri 1 Apr 2022: Payment Day

Karl and Steph find their scores hard to stomach at their budget Yorkshire guest house

First shown: Thu 31 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Thu 31 Mar 2022: Cedarville Guest House

One guest has some slumber sorrows at Helen and Sally's historic Derbyshire country house

First shown: Wed 30 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Wed 30 Mar 2022: The Kedleston Country House

The breakfast at Sian and Mary's Denbighshire inn proves to be a banger

First shown: Tue 29 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Tue 29 Mar 2022: The Griffin Inn

Sophia and Dani hope their suites in Birmingham will attract sparkling compliments

First shown: Mon 28 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Mon 28 Mar 2022: The Jewellery Suites

The B&Bers meet for a final time, and there are some eyebrow-raising payments in store

First shown: Fri 25 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Fri 25 Mar 2022: Payment Day

The last visit is to Leicestershire, where a hot tub breakfast proves divisive

First shown: Thu 24 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Thu 24 Mar 2022: The Forge Guest Rooms

The guests are amazed by the space at a Huddersfield B&B, but there's some rude feedback

First shown: Wed 23 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Wed 23 Mar 2022: Plover Cottage

There's a cleaning catastrophe and an early check out at Sunny's hotel in Isleworth

First shown: Tue 22 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Tue 22 Mar 2022: Osterley Park Hotel

One guest feels rather exposed by the bathroom window at Digby's West Sussex B&B

First shown: Mon 21 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Mon 21 Mar 2022: The Swan Inn

After a week full of tabletop troubles and beef about breakfast, which B&B has won?

First shown: Fri 18 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Fri 18 Mar 2022: Payment Day

There are accusations of foul play at Vicki and Kara's boutique seafront hotel in Essex

First shown: Thu 17 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Thu 17 Mar 2022: The Royal Hotel

A trickle of traffic causes trouble for hosts Tina and Danielle in Derbyshire

First shown: Wed 16 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Wed 16 Mar 2022: The Greyhound Hotel

Musical lovers Lez and Derek hope to host a showstopping stay. But it's not without drama.

First shown: Tue 15 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Tue 15 Mar 2022: Holywell House

The rooms at Pauline and Dave's Norfolk B&B prove too hot for some guests to handle

First shown: Mon 14 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Mon 14 Mar 2022: Sherbourne House

On payment day, the B&Bers clash over a lavatory let-down and fiddled French toast

First shown: Fri 11 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Fri 11 Mar 2022: Payment Day

Can ex-cabin crew Meg's hospitality experience fly her to victory on the Isle of Arran?

First shown: Thu 10 Mar 2022 | 23 mins

Thu 10 Mar 2022: Lamlash Bay Hotel