Tue 13 May 2014: Compton House

Lisa Holloway prides herself on providing a home from home for her guests. Sadly, Sam and Ian Sugden are disappointed by the dust, while Dave and Jo find Lisa's prices hard to swallow.

Next on TV: Mon 27 Mar, 5pm

The B&Bers meet up one last time to settle some scores and have a good old barney

Fri 24 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Fri 24 Mar 2023: Payment Day

The B&Bers visit a wizard-themed hotel in the magical, mystical land of... Great Yarmouth

Thu 23 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Thu 23 Mar 2023: Hotel of Wizardry

One B&Ber is determined to be the centre of attention during a punting trip in Cambridge

Wed 22 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Wed 22 Mar 2023: The Three Hills

Traffic and eyebrow-raising prices threaten to derail things at a B&B in Cheshire

Tue 21 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Tue 21 Mar 2023: The Lion and Swan

One B&Ber struggles to get charged up at Andrew and Angie's self-built cabins in Yorkshire

Mon 20 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Mon 20 Mar 2023: Daisy Bank Camp

It's payment day, and the B&Bers have more axes to grind than an... axe grinding shop?

Fri 17 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Fri 17 Mar 2023: Payment Day

The B&Bers are down the rabbit hole for an Alice in Wonderland-themed visit to Skegness

Thu 16 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Thu 16 Mar 2023: Hatter's Hotel

In Great Yarmouth, hosts Stu and Lou take some flack for the lack of a welcome pack

Wed 15 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Wed 15 Mar 2023: Beachside Holidays

The B&Bers go barmy for converted barns in the Midlands, but less so for a broken fridge

Tue 14 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Tue 14 Mar 2023: The Shuckburgh Arms

The battle begins in Northumberland, where the B&Bers have a barrel of laughs at a brewery

Mon 13 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Mon 13 Mar 2023: Fountain Cottage

After a week full of vitriol, will it all kick off on payment day? Probably...

Fri 10 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Fri 10 Mar 2023: Payment Day

Controversial pricing at breakfast leaves one B&Ber with a sour taste in Dorset

Thu 9 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Thu 9 Mar 2023: The Britannia Inn

Jo hopes to impress with the heritage charm at his B&B in, yep, Cornwall

Wed 8 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Wed 8 Mar 2023: The Olde Malthouse

Still in Cornwall, the B&Bers do some raucous karaoke at Craig and Rachel's hotel

Tue 7 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Tue 7 Mar 2023: The Llawnroc Hotel

A chance to feed seals proves popular at Kirstie and Joe's pristine Cornwall glampsite

Mon 6 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Mon 6 Mar 2023: Cedarwood Holidays

After a controversial week, the B&Bers have plenty of scores to settle. But who's won?

Fri 3 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Fri 3 Mar 2023: Payment Day

One guest thinks his glamping pod is like a student flat at a glampsite in Lancashire

Thu 2 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Thu 2 Mar 2023: Valley View

The B&Bers feel sheepish about an uninvited guest at breakfast in Lincolnshire

Wed 1 Mar, 5pm | 23 mins

Wed 1 Mar 2023: Brampton Dales Farm

Two vengeful guests are determined to dig up some dirt in Gateshead

Tue 28 Feb, 5pm | 23 mins

Tue 28 Feb 2023: Sutherlands Hotel

There's cause for applause when a seal makes an appearance in Seaburn, Sunderland

Mon 27 Feb, 5pm | 23 mins

Mon 27 Feb 2023: Mayfield Hotel